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1) Five Steps to Tyranny

2) The Trap 1/3 (Adam Curtis 2007)

2) The Trap 2/3 (Adam Curtis 2007)

2a) The Trap 3/3 We Will Force You To Be Free (Adam Curtis 2007)

Other recent postings include:

3) The first post-Francoist CNT Meeting 1977 (Montjuich), now playing on

4) La Metralleta 'Stein' (1974- Jose Antonio de la Loma)

5) Incident at Oglala (1992 - Michael Apted)

6) A Tiro Limpio (1963 Francisco Perez-Dolz )

7) Los Lunes al Sol (Fernando León de Aranoa

8) The Butterfly's Tongue (2000 - Jose Luis Cuerda)

9) Monos Como Becky (1999 - Joaquin Jorda and Nuria Villazan)

10) Los Ultimos Guerrilleros. Historia de la A.G.I. (2003)

11) Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (1994 - Frank Pierson)

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David in Atlanta
Jun 13 2007 23:08
Jun 14 2007 15:00

The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares is a BBC documentary film series, written and
produced by Adam Curtis. The series is subtitled The Rise of the Politics of
Fear. The film consists of three 1-hour parts, which were first broadcast in
the UK in late 2004.

The film is arguably Curtis's most controversial film. It compares the rise
of the American Neo-Conservative movement and the radical Islamist movement,
makes comparisons on their origins and suggests a strong connection between
the two. More importantly, it argues that the threat of radical Islamism as
a massive, sinister organized force of destruction is in fact a myth
perpetrated by the Neo-Conservatives in an attempt to unite and inspire
their people following the failure of earlier, more utopian ideologies.

1.1 Part 1 - Baby It's Cold Outside

1.2 Part 2 - The Phantom Victory

1.3 Part 3 - The Shadows in the Cave

You can see and play the full list of films on: or

ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2UX, UK

Jun 20 2007 09:46

another new item:

Mr Blair Goes To War

Mar 5 2009 06:39

Damn, looks like all this has been removed since I last looked, which is sad because it was a great selection.

Felix Frost
Mar 6 2009 10:16

I think they have just moved to