Forthcoming Attractions – November 2007

A selection of goodies due to be published and distributed by Turnaround in the UK in November 2007.

Forthcoming Attractions – November 2007

Awehali, Brian (ed) “Tipping the Sacred Cow: the best of LiP: Informed revolt 1996-2007”. Pbk. 240pp. £12.00

Becker-Ho, Alice and Debord, Guy “A Game of War”. Atlas Press. Pbk (with boardgame and counters!) 160pp. £20.00

Creswell, David “Chomsky for Beginners” For Beginners. Pbk. 153pp. £8.99

David, Ron “Arabs and Israel for Beginners” For beginners. Pbk. 210pp. £8.99

Graeber, David “Possibilities: essays on hierarchy, rebellion and desire”. AK Press. Pbk. 400pp. £15.00

Jamail, Dahr “Beyond the Green Zone: dispatches from an unembedded reporter in occupied Iraq”. Hbk. 240pp. £13.99

Jensen, Derrick “As the World Burns: 50 simple things things you can do to stay in denial”. Seven Stories. Pbk. 224pp. £8.99 (Graphic novel)

Monaghan, James “Columbia Jail Journal”. Brandon / Mount Eagle. Pbk. 288pp. £9.99

Osborne, Richard “Up the British”. Zidane Press. Pbk. 186pp. £8.99

Shah, Sonia “The Body Hunters: testing new drugs on the world's poorest patients”. The New Press. Pbk. 256pp. £9.99

Yamaguchi, Jeffrey “Working for the Man: inspiring and subversive projects for residents of cubicle land”. Perigree. 256pp. £7.99

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