Forthcoming Attractions – October 2007

Some more goodies being distributed by Turnaround in the UK.
(some UK and some US titles)

Forthcoming Attractions – October 2007

Baird, Vanessa “The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity”. New Internationalist. 144pp. Pbk. £6.99

Caldicott, Helen “Nuclear Power is not the Answer”. The New Press. 240pp. Pbk. £9.99

Cox, Judy. “A Rebel's Guide to Rosa Luxemburg”. Bookmarks. 64pp. Pbk. £3.00

Dangl, Benjamin “The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social movements in Bolivia”. AK Press, 226pp. Pbk. £12.00

Dennis, Denise “Black history for Beginners”. For beginners. 189pp. Pbk. £8.99

Jah, Yusuf (ed) “Chuck D. Lyrics of a Rap revolutionary, vol 1” Offda. 440pp. Pbk. £11.99

MacPhee, Josh & Reuland, Erik (eds). Realizing the Impossible. Art Against Authority” AK Press. 319pp. Pbk. £16.00

Moore, Anne Elizabeth “Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing and the Erosion of Integrity”. The New Press. 208pp. Pbk. £9.99

Murphy, Kevin. “Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Class Struggle in a Moscow Metal Factory” Haymarket Books. 240pp. Pbk. £12.99

Orr, Judith. “Sexism and the System: A Rebel's Guide to Women's Liberation”. Bookmarks. 64pp. Pbk. £.300

Phillips, Peter & Project Censored “Censored 2008: The Top 25 Stories”. Seven Stories Press. 432pp. Hbk £25.00, Pbk £11.99

Rudahl, Sharon “A Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman”. The New Press. 128pp. Pbk. £11.99

Tate, Sonsyrea “Do Me Twice. My Life After Islam”. Strebor Books. 256pp. Pbk. £9.99

Wilkerson, Cathy “My Truths Be Told” Seven Stories Press. 416pp. Hbk. £15.99 (Weather Underground survivor's story)

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