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Selections from a turn of the 20th century US anarchist / sexual freedom magazine

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Friday, June 08, 2007
A Taste of Lucifer

Lucifer the Lightbearer, aside from having one of the more provocative and wonderful names ever, was an important anarchist newspaper. Originally the Kansas Liberal of Valley Falls, and eventually the American Journal of Eugenics, it was, throughout its incarnations, it was concerned with marital and sexual freedom, as well as more strictly political aspects of anarchism.

I have made a number of issues available in scanned pdf form. They are unlovely, multi-generation reproductions, but scanned at a resolution where they are at least usable. Dana Ward's Anarchy Archives also includes some transcriptions from Lucifer.

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Kind of an unfortunate name. Just as sec, "The American Journal of Eugenics"?! hand