The Marx Memorial Library

The Marx Memorial Library

A short visit to the Library.

This afternoon I paid a visit to the Marx Memorial Library on Clerkenwell Green. I'd always wondered what was behind the red door, its a library. Full of interesting bits and pieces apparently they get a majority of their visits to see a room which Lenin worked in for a bit at the start of the 20th century.

The man himself features prominently, the library being openend on the 50th anniversary of his death.

Mural upstairs by Jack Hastings (1935) titled Worker of the Future Clearing away the Chaos of Capitalism or The worker of the future upsetting the economic chaos of the present (sounds better). Apparently Hastings trained with Diego Riveria. Thats William Morris on the far right btw.

Detail. Why is left wing art from the past invariably so much better than the present?

This is from a large cabinet mounted above head-height in a kitchen style room (feature a replica constructionist Rodchenko chess set) adjacent to Lenin's Room which features a collection of 'Radical China'.

This was downstairs in the main library, think it was made in Barcelona in 1939. Room also featured a William Morris designed banner and some horrible red tables.

Women's toilet, USSR themed.

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Looks cool. Might pop down some time.