The shame of it :cry:

Just got the final version of my "annual performance" thing back. Here's the edited highlights grin

I have been impressed by the button's hard work and positive attitude....his passion for [name of employer] shines through.

And yet somehow I manage to spend 5 hours a day on the internet. neutral


Joseph Kay
Jul 31 2006 15:22
And yet somehow I manage to spend 5 hours a day on the internet.

its weird isn't it. my boss loves me, gave me my job back after two months off - but all i do is sit around reading communist literature red n black star . And i'm in the cutthroat competitive private sector confused

the button
Jul 31 2006 15:26

When my boss is in (which isn't often) all we do is talk about cricket and chortle about the incompetence of senior management. The bit I quoted was written by senior management (i.e. my boss' boss), who -- frankly -- has no fucking clue what I do, let alone how well I do it. Ah well. Happy days. smile

Joseph Kay
Jul 31 2006 15:31
Ah well. Happy days. :)

aint it. i had the agency ring me up offering me a higher paid job (like +50% more), and i was like, er, no i'm ok here thanks red n black star I would have had to have moved to a shitty office-block-atropolis in the m4 corridor though, which was part of it.

Jul 31 2006 16:47

IDIOT. You go, do the interview, get the job, they give you a written job offer, which you then show to you current boss when you ask for more money. Duh.

Joseph Kay
Jul 31 2006 17:55

yeah, but i am quite lazy and i hate job interviews.