Sponsored academies in the UK video

Sponsored academies in the UK video

A short video summarising some of the issues relating to the academies programme.

A short video has appeared called Sponsored Academies in the UK - A Form of Education Public Private Partnership. It's by the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative, not sure who they are but will have a look. A few talking heads involved include Melissa Benn (author of School Wars, Tony's daughter) and Kevin Courtney (NUT).

Courtney makes the point that academies undermine national negotiated pay agreements, while Melissa Benn's right in saying that the academies often have a degree of freedom in their selection policies which is skewed toward kids who are already advataged, whiole the rest end up in 'sink schools' I actually read her School Wars a few months back and will write a review in the next week or two.

The researcher Susan Robinson makes the point that the academy programme is turning parents less into participants and more into customers - I've heard the 'customer' speak used in schools so this is very much a reality.

Anyway, have a wee look.

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Jan 8 2012 23:39


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