Turkish footwear workers sacked for joining a trade union

Turkish footwear workers sacked for joining a trade union

Thirty five workers have been sacked at a Turkish footwear factory for joining a trade union. Despite police intimidation and violence, they remain on protest outside the factory gates. They are demanding full reinstatement and collective bargaining rights.

In May, thirty five workers at Togo Footwear in Turkey joined a trade union - and encouraged their colleagues to do the same.

As soon as the bosses got wind of the potential unionisation of the workers – they dismissed all thirty five people – with immediate effect.

The sacked workers have remained outside the factory gates demanding reinstatement and authorisation by the labour ministry to start collective bargaining in the workplace. Until the ministry issues the authorisation papers, workers are not able to use any trade union rights.

Since their protest started – they have been subject to abuse, violence, and arrest by the local police on at least three occasions.

Labour Start and IndustriALL Global Union have started an online campaign. Please click on this link to send an automated email to the Turkish labour minister, and demand the reinstatement of the sacked workers, and collective bargaining.

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