Whiskers of discontent - Turkish stray dogs in the recent uprising

A stray dog in Turkey wears a sign of protest

Just a few of the photos flying around of the streets dogs in Turkey and their recent reaction to events there.

Spending anytime in Istanbul you can't help but notice the amount of street dogs which inhabit any public space. In a country where dogs and cats are traditionally not kept at home where they are seen as somewhat 'dirty' they are well maintained as public property in the streets where they are fed, conversed with and given places to sleep. In recent years government proposals to exterminate the strays has been met with fierce opposition. It is only fitting then that they get their look in during the last ten days of uprising against the AKP government.

Sunglasses Wearing Dog has his own page on Buzzfeed.

"Close the park and I will shit in the mall"

If you liked this you will probably also like Loukanikos the Greek riot dog. Post any more photos you have come across in the photos below - but not the one of police spraying a dog in the face which is from Brazil last year.

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Jacques Roux
Jun 4 2013 15:33



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Jacques Roux
Jun 4 2013 19:05

Pulled this one off Facebook:

A Turkish tweeter tries throwing some penguins into the picture to see if it helps local media cover the protests across the country. This is a reference to CNN Turk showing a documentary about penguins on June 2nd while CNN international broadcasted live from Taksim Square

Jun 11 2013 07:10

Just shows the link between the animal liberation and class struggle. I look forward to the day when we see badgers on picket lines and demonstrations in Britain.

Jun 11 2013 08:35

Some badgers chased the BNP out of central London the other week, according to news reports:


Black Badger
Jun 11 2013 14:47

I am suitably proud to have adopted the badger as my totem years ago... Solidarity for Meles meles from Taxidea taxus.