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The Manchester Class Struggle Forum is an open coming together of workers, students and unemployed persons from different backgrounds and class struggle political tendencies in the North West - Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. It is a meeting place open to all who wish to discuss and debate political questions from radical perspectives in a friendly atmosphere.

The first goal of the Manchester Discussion Forum is the political clarification of its participants. The discussions of the group thus seek to analyse current struggles of the working class, draw out and reappropriate the historical lessons of the revolutionary workers’ movement and to develop a revolutionary perspective to address the challenges facing the working class and humanity as a whole, against exploitation, oppression and the horrors of capitalism.

Our second goal is to ensure that we are able to respond quickly to important events in the class struggle. We want to be able to offer solidarity to fellow workers, students and unemployed as the need arises.

As a point of clarity, when we say workers we mean all those who depend on their wage labour to survive and do not live off the exploitation of others. This includes those working in the home and those currently not engaged in wage labour. We oppose all efforts to divide working people by race, gender, age or sexual orientation.

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Jan 26 2010 13:56



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Jan 26 2010 14:26

a quick note on this bit of text - the line breaks are messed up. Perhaps this was done in notepad with "word wrap" turned on? In which case the additional line breaks can be removed by un-selecting word wrap.

Jan 26 2010 16:12

It should be fixed now.

Jan 28 2010 19:57

I understand there is an attempt to get some Manchester meetings going soon on a monthly basis with some short suggested reading for each one but meeting rooms in Manchester are like gold dust and the capitalists are buying up all the gold at present!

Watch this space for announcements.

Jan 28 2010 22:33

There is a meeting planned for 24th February. The subject is the elections.

Recommended reading is:

the Subversion pamphlet, Labouring in Vain

Lenin's the Ultra Left - an infantile disorder

Herman Gorter's Reply to Lenin

As Spikymike suggests we are having difficulties finding a central location, but do have a option in a cafe in Rusholme (Curry Mile). It's got a meeting room and does good food for all tastes.

We'll release venue news when we have them. In the meantime, make a date in your diaries!

Jan 29 2010 16:23

And Herman Gorter's 'Open Letter to Comrade Lenin' 'A Reply to 'Left-Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder' the Wildcat version is in the Libcom library here.

A version can also be found at:


along with some other useful Council and left communist texts.

Feb 15 2010 11:35

Meeting now provisionally booked at the Friends Meeting House, Central Manchester? 7pm?

Feb 15 2010 21:29

Yeah, its now booked for the Friends meeting house from 7 - details to follow.

Feb 17 2010 22:45

I'm not sure what details should follow?

The venue is the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.

The date is 24th Feb. Start time 7pm.

The topic is Elections and the suggested reading is as suggested in earlier posts.

Feb 19 2010 13:22

I've set up a web address that points directly at this forum. The title is a little catchier smile and easier to remember:

it's www.manchesterforum.org.uk

Anyone wanting information about events or wanting to be on the group's email list can send an email to struggle[at]manchesterforum.org.uk

Feb 19 2010 13:59

NB that URL forwards to this post, it might be better for it to forward to the actual blog itself, if you are going to do future posts advertising meetings, with reading lists, etc.

Feb 19 2010 15:40

OK - fixed. thanks.

Apr 27 2010 21:42

Who were the formal groups behind this proposal?

Apr 28 2010 07:46

AF and Commune. Meetings are attended by Solfed and ICC too.