Workers' struggles in Asia (March 2010 Part 1)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (excluding China) in the first half of March up to the 15th.


2nd: Several protests over land seizures.


2nd: Protests against a bank bailout ended with clashes with police outside parliament.


8th: A rally was held calling for more rights for foreign workers.


11th: Protest in Ulaan Baator over state of the health system, which police prepared for the week before.


3rd: More strikes by garment workers in Rangoon.

North Korea

15th: Interesting article about a shortwave radio that broadcasts news into North Korea.


2nd: Residents protest against the demolition of their homes.

South Korea

2nd: The teachers' union is planning an anti-government campaign.
4th: The possibility of a general strike at Kumho Tyres increases.


15th: Massive rallies in Bangkok by largely rural supporters of ousted Thai PM Thaksin.


12th: Workers on strike at a factory won most of their demands.,striking-vietnam-workers-trickle-back-as-company-gives-in.html