Workers' struggles in China (January 2010 Part 2)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China (now including Hong Kong) in the last half of January.

Listed by date, most recent first.

Article in Chinese magazine urging collective bargaining.


Staff at a Panasonic factory in Beijing are demonstrating to demand better severance pay.


Villagers in Pingle, Guizhou province, have been sealed off from the media after they tried to block a forced eviction and clashed with police.

Internal document of the Domestic Security Department of the Public Security Burea leaked.


Clients and staff of a courier firm protest against it going bust in Guangdong.

Workers surround managers car in Zhengzhou, Henan province, demanding unpaid wages.


Villagers protest against a new incinerator in Guangdong.


A teenager convicted of killing a corrupt party official has 20 000 people signing a petition for his release.


Another land dispute, this time in Yangshan county of Guangdong Province, left at least a dozen injured after villagers resisted a forced eviction.


After workers at a factory making products including the iPhone in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, rioted over the cancellation of their New Year bonus and poisoning, there have been editorials in several Chinese papers sympathetic towards the workers.


Taxi drivers in Yancheng, Jiangsu province demand action against unlicensed taxis.


Villagers in Guangdong clashed with police when officials tried to clear grave sites they claim are illegal.

Hong Kong


Another major demonstration against the proposed rail link to the mainland ended in a clashes around the Legislature.

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