Workers' struggles in China (October 2009)

A round-up of links to reports about struggles in China.

September 30th: China Worker on 60th anniversary of Chinese Revolution.

October 16th: Swedish socialist banned from China.
and three days later the same happened to a Chinese activist who was involved in the events of 1989.

October 18th: In Hong Kong Indonesian workers celebrated 10 years of their trade union with a festival to highlight the situation of migrant workers there.

October 18th: 8 sentenced over Shishou incident.

October 21st: Tonghua activist sentences to 18 months re-education through labour - apparently workers had been organising there since 2005.

October 22nd: Chinese workers in Trinidad and Tobago protested against their working conditions, demanding to be returned to China.

October 22nd: villagers in Hebei blocked a national highway to stop an attempted land grab by a construction company.

October 22nd: Villagers in Guangdong protest against the arrest of local anti-pollution activists.

October 22nd: In Jiangsu ten of thousands of villagers protest against a new incinerator.

October 22nd: Armed thugs paid by a local coal boss atacked villages protesting against the privatisation of a collectively own mine in Shanxi Province, killing 4 and hospitalising 14.

October 26th: Photos of slogans against complaining about corruption.

October 28th: Strike at Shenzhen electronics factory.

October 28th: In Beijing former bank employees held a protest to highlight their claims to having been dismissed illegally.

October 28th: Migrant construction workers demand unpaid wages in Chengdu.

October 29th: Authorities in major Chinese industrial city Dongguan crackdown on independent labour advocates.

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Nov 1 2009 16:29

Love these workers' news round-ups, keep them coming!

Nov 2 2009 15:05

thanks, this month's may not have been as thorough as i'd have liked due to my pc getting stolen, so i lost links i'd found at the beginning of the month.