Liverpool housing association occupied

Can't Pay! Won't Pay!

An account of Liverpool housing association demonstration and occupation

Podcast of ‘Australia: The Lucky Country? Capitalism and its Discontents’from the Brisbane Free University

A podcast of a paper I presented at the Brisbane Free University.

Recovery or Failure: Housing By the Numbers

Though the economy may be on the upswing, it doesn't erase the inequality that sits under the surface.

Language teaching, open plan education, and organising prospects in the industry

A blog entry detailing my recent experiences as a language worker--examining the structure of my particular workplace and potential opportunities for organising in the industry.

Design As Politics

Design As Politics

New online publication of opinion pieces originally published in UK Building Design magazine from Dutch Design As Politics.

Fascist attacks on self-organised spaces repulsed

Two self-organised spaces were successfully defended when they were attacked by fascist and police forces over the weekend.

Civil Service Rank & File Network conference - a report

On Saturday 2 February, the Civil Service Rank & File (CSRF) Network held its inaugural national conference in Coventry. This is a brief report of the event and analysis of where the group is and should be heading.

No jobs and no workers? Strange contradictions of capital accumulation in Australia

An attempt to grasp what recent reports of both rising unemployment and a skills shortage means tells us about capital accumulation in Australia

Towards a new neighbourhood: Building something new in the shell of the old

When thinking about what kind of housing model we really want for the future, we can see the new structures sprouting in the very acts of resistance we have today.

HMV worker takes over official Twitter during sackings

HMV official Twitter turned against itself.

The Past, Present and Future of Radical Pamphleteering, 6/2/13, London

In the age of the internet, does the printed pamphlet have any kind of future? With self-publishing so easy online, could the pamphlet soon be obsolete? With a short talk on some of the history of the pamphlet, and an open discussion on where it's going...

No NUT ballot after school drops academy plans

NUT will not be balloting members for industrial action at Warren Comprehensive after school drops academy conversion plans.

Protesters storm government offices in Greece

Today scores of people protesting against austerity occupied the offices of the Greek Labour Minister. The occupation ended after two hours - following violent clashes with the police

General strike conference and a lesson in the arrogance of trade union leaders

In September 2012, TUC Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for co-ordinated national action, up to and including a general strike.

Joke Kaviaar sentenced - solidarity needed

Joke Kaviaar, activist and publicist against the oppression, detention and depiortation of refugeesin the Netherlands , has been sentenced to a four months jail sentence for "incitement". Solidarity with refugees should know no borders; solidarity against efforts to censor Joke Kaviaar, and all the ones speaking out against this repression should know no borders either. Joke Kaviaar will not shut up. Neither should we.

Athens metro workers forced back to work

Solidarity to the Metro workers. All to the streets!

The Greek government has forced an end to a nine day public transport strike which brought parts of Athens to a standstill.

Today in architecture: Knock down towers, build streets

Unite d'habitation, Firminy, France

So long for Le Corbusier's famous streets in the sky!

Bologna: from culture to evictions

Once known for its culture and its seemingly idyllic political model, the city of Bologna has undergone harsh political and economical transformation, leading to gentrification and massive real estate speculations. F or those political people seeking to address the lack of housing, cultural space, or free social spaces in the city, evictions are currently the only answer.

NUT Executive votes against strike action in March

NUT executive votes against strike action in March despite accelerated attacks on education

Combating the bedroom tax

We Won't Pay!

An account of the resistance building against the Bedroom Tax in the UK.