Cultivating a Radical Subjectivity: Against death stars

A look into revolutionary cognition that argues for the necessity of cultivating radical subjectivities. Arguments for automatic consciousness are critiqued, and the role of struggles, ruptures, and breaks is explored.

Bring Fire to the Castle: crisis, militant social democracy, insurrection, and existing means of settling disputes

An exploration of the 2008 global crisis and responses. This article looks at militant reformism and the role of existing means and channels of settling disputes in society. Equilibrium and social forces of stability are identified for their central role in determining the depth and potential of crises, and distinguish simple crisis from situations with more radical potential.

The movement to abolish the present state of power: direct democracy, forms, and power

A critique of belief in the inherent radical nature of forms such as direct democracy in the context of the anti-austerity movements, and an appeal to politics based on a process of struggle across time deepening breaks with capitalist normalcy.

The Importance of a Liberatory Process: a critique of fetishized militancy

An essay on the form and content of struggles, and the fetishization of militant forms of action. Moving away from believing tactics to have inherent potential, it argues for the central role of the social relationships and process of protagonists in struggle.

Thrown off balance: workers struggles against equilibrium

A response to a debate on unions in the United States today started between a number of groups and individuals including Unity & Struggle and Advance the Struggle. This piece attempts to argue against militant reformism growing in the union movements towards a politic of ruptures and revolutionary workplace organizing drawing from the concept of equilibrium.

May Day protests against union confederations

The celebrations of May Day have emphasized the rift between the union confederations and the base unions, with protests, scuffles and clashes happening in major cities like Bologna, Naples and Turin.

An overview of Italy’s anti-fascist gyms and boxing clubs

Over the past ten years, many squats across Italy have begun opening self-organized sports centres, offering mostly (but not exclusively) combat disciplines and promoting anti-fascist values alongside a non-commercial training philosophy. In this article, we provide an overview of the antifascist sports in Italy, exploring its powerful blend of training and activism.

Unemployed shoots during new cabinet’s oath

Information has started circulating about Luigi Prieti, the man who opened fire early today against a group of carabinieri guarding Palazzo Chigi, the Palace of the Italian Government, injuring two police officers, Francesco Negri and Giuseppe Giangrande (who is in a critical condition and may be permanently paralysed).

Sardinia Earth March challenges Saras pollution

Last Saturday morning (20 April 2013), in Arborea, Sardinia, a thousand people gathered for the Earth March, organized by ProgReS (Progetu Repùblica de Sardigna, a Sardinian separatist party) and the No to Project Eleonora civic committee.

It's time to fight benefit sanctions - with or without PCS

Tensions between claimants and jobcentre workers over sanctions have been rising for some time. Now, with the Public and Commercial Services union stifling rank-and-file efforts to initiate a non-cooperation campaign, they threaten to boil over into active hostility. How can we avoid this – and resist sanctions?

The Di Canio case: children are watching

Children are watching. And they are frightened by our indifference to fascism.

Hospital workers fight police in Milan

Healthcare workers at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan protest after receiving the first 40 letters of redundancy. After a general assembly, the struggling workers occupied the hospital reception and the roof of the building, prompting the heavy-handed response by police.

Giorgio Napolitano reelected Italy’s president amid protests and political chaos

Giorgio Napolitano is elected as Italy's president for a second mandate, an unprecedented event in the institutional history of the country. His re-election follows a few days of political stalemate and chaos and was welcomed by loud protests, emphasizing the political crisis and the inner contradictions of the Italian Democratic Party.

Spokes on a Wheel: Some Labor Notes on Intersecting Struggles

With the recent Labor Notes Troublemaker's School in mind, how can labor begin to further tie into the housing struggle? Voices from We Are Oregon, Labor Notes, and elsewhere say that this may be from finding an "intersection" in struggle.

Bosses open fire on migrant workers in Greece

More than twenty migrant workers were injured when their bosses fired on them with shotguns on Wednesday.

Direct action, Occupy Wallstreet, and the future of housing justice: an interview with Noam Chomsky

Check out this interview with Noam Chomsky about the growing housing justice movement, the future of Occupy, and how direct action can play into all of this.

World Earth Day – marches in Italy

The national forum “Salviamo il Paesaggio” (Save the Countryside) launches demonstrations across the country on Earth Day (April 21, 2013), to protest against the consumption and destruction of fertile soil.

Working at Artistry Bakery and Cafe - Madaline Dreyfus

In this article, Madaline tells the story of how she fell into organizing and the IWW – pushed both by terrible bosses and by amazing solidarity among her coworkers.

1000 demonstrate in Piacenza against ban for union organizer

Around 1000 people marched through the streets of Piacenza on April 6 to protest against the exclusion notice served on Aldo Milani, national coordinator of the radical union SI-COBAS.

Just another day in Greece

Police outside the Maragopouleio occupation in Patra

The last few days have seen a number of incidents across Greece. Fascist attacks, hunger strikes, rival groups of protesters clashing and thousands of people having their electricity cut off are just some of the news stories from one day.