Fury over Spain (anarchist documentary)

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Dec 27 2017 13:42
Fury over Spain (anarchist documentary)

A few months ago, I translated Fury over Spain (Spanish: Anarquía 1937 – Un pueblo en armas), a documentary about the first year of the Spanish Civil War produced by the Entertainment Industry Union of Barcelona (then affiliated with the CNT). My understanding is that the film was patched together from multiple newsreels made in the first days of the revolution (Aguiluchos de la FAI por tierras de Aragón etc.) and provided with an English narration in order to be screened at propaganda events abroad, some of which were organized by Emma Goldman. An old review of the movie can still be found on the New York Times website. Apparently, the original voiceover was lost, so the CNT re-dubbed and re-edited the movie shortly after the the Franco regime collapsed in the 1970s, which is why the commentary is retrospective:


Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this here is that I'm not a native speaker of either Spanish or English, so I would very much appreciate it if someone could point out any errors or unidiomatic language in the subtitles. There is probably little in the movie that Libcom readers don't already know: it covers the events of July 19, the collectivizations in rural Aragon, the battle of Madrid, the Besnard plan for Moroccan independence, and the Barcelona May Days.