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May 18 2011 10:04

Get well soon comrade! circle A

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May 18 2011 19:15

Get well soon Knightrose, all the best!

Jason Cortez
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May 19 2011 00:53

speedy recovery and don't forget to give out copies of resistance to the workers in the hospital wink

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May 19 2011 06:35

Knowing him, he probably will! smile

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May 19 2011 06:46

Surgery is today.

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May 19 2011 06:59

Break a leg mate

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May 19 2011 07:05
Break a leg mate

Surely one operation is bad enough without having to endure a second......

Best wishes, of course.

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May 19 2011 07:34

Good luck with the surgery.


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May 19 2011 07:48

Thanks all.

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With Sober Senses
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May 19 2011 08:04

Hope you are feeling okay.
It was copies of the Subversion publication that I picked up in the late 90s which helped me realise that there was something beyond Bolshevism and Anarchism ( neither which I really liked all that much at the time.)

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May 19 2011 16:03

Best wishes!

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Red Marriott
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May 19 2011 17:59

Get well soon.

Wellclose Square
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May 19 2011 18:29

Best wishes, Knightrose... Hope it goes well.

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May 20 2011 00:09

Aye, all the best for a speedy recovery.

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May 20 2011 09:06

Any update on how the surgery went?

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May 25 2011 04:15
Any update on how the surgery went?


mister blues
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May 25 2011 10:34

I look forward to the day you arrive again once more in the streets. It is a speedy recovery we are hoping for and I will do everything I can out of support for this aim. In solidarity, comrade...

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May 25 2011 10:48

best wishes Knightrose!

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May 29 2011 13:47

Get well soon and solidarity.

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Jun 18 2011 15:59

I have to sadly report that my longstanding friend and comrade, Bob (knightrose), died last night having been belatedly diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Bob was a very committed member, organiser and activist in the Anarchist Federation who's skills, persistance, insight and humour will be missed by everyone who new him whether in the AF or amongst the many other friends and comrades who new him.

His death marks a particular and painful break for me as we have shared an almost continuous friendship and communist likemindedness from the days of our common involvement in an informal rebelious faction of the SPGB when Bob was just 17, through the group 'Social Revolution', 'Solidarity (forSR)', the 'Wildcat' and 'Careless Talk' cooperation and then 'Subversion'. Although I declined to follow Bob into the AF we continued to share very similar politics and some practical work together from time to time.

Bob's ability to maintain a consistent communist politics but without dogma or any display of sectarianism was something I always admired even if I haven't always practiced it myself.

Those of you who knew Bob and perhaps also know his wife, daughter and son will I am sure wish to send your sympathy to them in their untimely loss.

Others will I'm sure also wish to add something here of their own memories of Bob.

A small crack has appeared in the 'thin red line' but those of us remaining should continue to do our best to fill it as Bob would have wished.

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Jun 18 2011 16:39

Really have no idea what to say as I never met Bob in person, knowing him only as Knightrose over the internet, but his contributions were always highly respected and mulled over by me and the others in the libcom group.

My condolences to the family in this difficult time..

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jef costello
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Jun 18 2011 17:10

I never met Bob in person but I enjoyed and respected his contributions on line.
My condolences to his family and friends.

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Jun 18 2011 17:34

my condolences to all family and friends.
i've admired those who keep the commitment over the decades, knightrose's posts showed his long experience and were always of interest.

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Jun 18 2011 17:48

Compared to Spikymike I didn't know Bob (Knightrose) for all that long. When I moved to Manchester in 2009 bob was the first political person I met. He went out of his way to make me feel welcome. For instance, I travelled with Bob and his partner to the London Bookfair that year, you really could not ask for better friends and comrades. I am sure others will have similar recollections.

Spikymike is absolutely correct about Bob non-sectarian approach to politics. Bob loved visiting Dublin, which he did every year except this year for the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. Bob saw his task as fostering a better relationship with the WSM, which was at one point nearly non-existent from what I am told. Although WSMers apart from 'georgestapleton' do not post on here, he became friends with a lot of the WSMers that he first met visiting Ireland for the Shell2Sea stuff and continued with his annual trip to the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. He did as was mentioned while maintaining his affinity to the 'thin red line' type politics. Which it should be noted he did more then his fair share in promoting through both scanning and publishing material.

It is also worth mentioning that Bob and his partner done gallant work in their job teaching English to asymlum seekers and invested themselves in their students lives.

Bob will definitely be sorely missed by his family, friends and comrades.

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Jun 18 2011 18:10

sorry to hear about that, Bob sounds like he was an ace guy. his posts were always of interest, even when i was just a lurker on these boards with confused politics

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Jun 18 2011 19:21

When I first signed up to Libcom some 6 years ago, Knightrose was among the more prominent posters. While I didn’t always agree with what he said, he was knowledgeable, non-sectarian and measured and evidently engendered a good deal of respect on the boards. Sincere condolences to his family and comrades.

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Jun 18 2011 20:25

So sorry to hear this. I believe I came across Bob in Manchester although I didn't realise it was him till after. Rest in peace Knightrose.

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Jun 18 2011 22:01

My condolences to his family and friends. Seems like I missed the change to know a lovely guy.

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Jun 18 2011 22:33

This is a real shock. Although I have known 'of' Bob for many years, it's only recently that I got to know him personally and it corresponded to a warming of political relations, especially through the work of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum. He had some very strong criticisms of my organisation but I always felt, both from direct discussions and exchanges on libcom, that he was genuinely open to debate. He had a self-depreciating sense of humour which was reflected in his very last posts on this thread, which also displayed considerable courage. Solidarity and sympathy to his family, friends and comrades from everyone in the ICC. We have also recently lost a comrade in Italy and have had too many encounters with cancer recently, so we know what they are going through.

Wellclose Square
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Jun 18 2011 22:19

Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to family and friends.