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Jun 18 2011 23:36

Condolences to all his friends, family and comrades.

Like many on here I only knew him as Knightrose; despite only knowing him on an internet forum, he came across as a beacon of good sense, cutting across squabbles, bad temper and factionalism with some well-chosen words of wisdom. He'll be greatly missed I'm sure by those close to him; but he'll be missed by those who only knew him through forums such as this, too.

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Jun 19 2011 00:28

I met Bob through LibCom, and when I went to Manchester in 2008 Bob (and the rest of his lovely family) kindly offered me a place to stay while I was travelling. I got to know him over the 2 weeks or so that I spent in Manchester and, like others in this thread have said, he was a kind, genuine, caring person and a committed and intelligent communist. Those experiences in Manchester were a direct and large contributor to my renewed push when I got back to New Zealand to try to set up an anarchist-communist group (which eventually became AWSM), and I don't know that that would have happened without my meeting Bob and his partner. I think that's a pretty solid testament to Bob's impact. He will be sorely missed, my thoughts are with his family, his comrades and his close friends.

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Jun 19 2011 02:08

Sadly I heard this evening that our comrade past away.

When I broke from trotskyism in 03, Bob was the first person I had the fortunate pleasure to correspond with and his insight and patience have helped me greatly and although I declined to join the AF, he's single-handedly contributed massively to why I think highly of the group.
Having known the fellow to talk to face-to-face, I can say that he was a genuinely lovely and hospitable guy, motivated by the best of intentions.
The output and contribution of Bob and the groups he's been involved in sadly won't be able to be assessed for sometime, but the revolutionary movement has no doubt lost a stalwart.

My condolences go to his family.

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Jun 19 2011 10:01

The news of Bob's death is terrible! so sudden, and a comrade with such a vital energy and committment to struggle and life this news is truely deadening. My condolances to his family.
All of his comrades and friends have written here have talked of his great committment to the revolutionary movement and in particular the way that he was able to engage, to discuss, and keep a real integrity and never personalise or make anybody feel stupid, besides having a great sense of humour! no mean feat! no mean man!
I first meet Bob when he visited Liverpool as a member of Libertarian Communism to discuss with Workers Voice and although the discussions did'nt go all that well the two comrades of LC were animated with what was then very important discussions, (Russian Rev, Unions, Shop Stewards etc) But Bob's commitment and revolutionary passion shone through.That was 38 years ago and we have to salute the class commitment that perseveres that long.
Likewise in the Manchester Class Struggle Forum although we had many disagreements I don't think I heard him say a mean thing once. This was the mark of a great comrade and friend and he truely expresses the way forward.

The international proletariat has lost one of its best militants.


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Jun 19 2011 12:12

RIP Bob, you were fasntastic and I feel privileged to have known you. My sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

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Jun 19 2011 12:55

Terrible news...

I didn't know Bob well but I met him a number of times and he was a permanent fixture on my political map as my politics developed in the 1990s via environmentalism, anarchism, council communism and ultimately the ICC. A small group of us in Cardiff used to eagerly await packets of Subversion and I first met Bob at a AF / Subversion day school in Sheffield. I also have fond memories of an AF NDM at Bob's house in Oldham. One of the last times I saw him was at last year's Manchester bookfair where he was instrumental in allowing us a stall.

He was, as has already been said, a committed and passionate revolutionary for decades; no mean feat, many others don't / can't sustain their passion - he will be missed.

Best wishes to his family, friends & comrades.

In solidarity, Morven

Boris Badenov
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Jun 19 2011 13:23

Very sad news. I didn't know him as a militant but his posts here were always very knowledgeable and spoke of his long experience as a radical. Condolences to his friends and family.

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Jun 19 2011 13:37

Bob and his wife S-- were the first people I met up with in Manchester since moving back here three years ago intending to get involved in anarchist politics. Since then I have come to count them both as good friends as well as close comrades.

Of the many attributes which made him a great person, the two which have have had a biggest impact on me politically are his commitment and his fundamental humanity. Bob had been continually involved in politics since he was a teenager, and had been involved in political organisations all through his adult life - from joining the SPGB as a youth, through to involvement in Solidarity, Wildcat, Subversion and the Anarchist Federation. He devoted a vast amount of time and energy to his political activities; as a workplace militant he had been a shop steward, and had recently been heavily involved in the anti-academies campaign in Oldham, and not long ago helped organise a mass meeting of teachers and solidarity action over a contract dispute stemming from this. As a lifelong libertarian communist, he devoted his organisational skills to the movement; he'd always be the first to volunteer to meet new people, organise meetings, do the thankless admin, and correspond with other groups. He was always willing to do the often tiring legwork of standing on the street fundraising or distributing literature, attending demonstrations and pickets, even when that meant saying unpopular things about the unions, the left or national liberation movements. I often felt that he did too much, and didn't bust everyone else's balls enough for not helping him out more. But despite this he never lost his commitment or conviction. Just weeks ago he was sending messages to the AF national delegate meeting from his hospital bed to get our act together and get better organised.

This was because his politics came from a place of fundamental humanity which was expressed in his relationships with other people. He was always offering people help and encouragement to people - offering to put his experience and skills as a teacher to use whenever anyone had exams coming up. He always gave continual encouragement to people to achieve their goals their personal lives and to pursue their passions, and I was lucky enough to receive this on numerous occasions. The best illustration of how his politics came from his fundamental decency that I remember is the tireless commitment he and S. showed in the campaign to support Rabar Hamad, an orphaned asylum seeker from Iraq faced with deportation.

I will miss Bob dearly, and he will live on in the memories of the many people he influenced, supported and befriended over the years. We have lost a friend, and the movement has lost one of its finest and most tireless members.

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Jun 19 2011 16:05

Can we have a proper obituary for him on libcom news?

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Jun 19 2011 16:47

Condolences to Knightrose's family and to his comrades.

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Jun 19 2011 17:09
fleabite wrote:
Can we have a proper obituary for him on libcom news?

This would be a very good thing, if possible, and, for whatever reason, not unwise vis a vas his relatives, etc.

The news certainly saddens me, and I have passed it along to my comrades, many of whom no doubt knew him better than I got to.

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Jun 19 2011 17:25

Sad news. Condolences to his family and comrades.

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Jun 19 2011 17:45

I`m very sorry to hear about this. I always appreciated Knightrose`s posts and they definitely stand out among many contributions to these forums that have influenced me immenselve. My heart goes out to his comrades, friends and familly.

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Jun 19 2011 17:45

Gutting, such a nice fella and dedicated comrade. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

I met him a bunch of times at various bookfairs in London and Dublin but my first contact with him was when I was a student teacher 5 yrs ago and I asked for advice regarding some of the more coercive parts of the job. 'How can I tell kids to hand in homework if I am a FULL ANARKY?'
Among his thoughtful reply about the nature of teaching he reminded me that teaching is a job, and jobs are shit.

He also tried to get Organise! members to join the IWW around 2008, unsuccessfully, though we had a long comradely discussion wink

A really nice guy, very approachable and always had time for a chat anytime our paths crossed.

RIP mate.

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Juan Conatz
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Jun 19 2011 18:21

Only knew him from here, but his contributions were ones I paid attention to. RIP

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Red Marriott
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Jun 19 2011 18:34

If I remember correctly, Bob authored this article;

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Between Your Teeth
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Jun 19 2011 19:23

I only met you a few times Bob but your presence was always massive within our mutual organisation and will continue to be for a long time. When you spoke people paid attention. I didn't get a chance to say it but i always valued your wisdom, patience and commitment. You're one of the good guys.

I take a little solace that you got a chance to tell us to not be down but to go out and organise. It's trite to say it, but it really is the best way to pay tribute to you.

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Joseph Kay
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Jun 19 2011 19:44

i only met Bob a couple of times, but i'd echo the fact he was a solid comrade, acted with honesty and integrity and was an nice bloke to boot. my thoughts are with his family and loved ones. RIP.

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Jun 19 2011 19:46

Only met Bob once, but he and S let me stay at their house and were hospitable and lovely, as well as providing interesting conversation and an insight into a long amazing revolutionary life.
I hope everyone's doing ok, best wishes to close friends and family.

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Jun 19 2011 22:55

I met Bob last year during a stay in Manchester when him and S. were kind enough to put me up even though another family member was ill at the time. I really can't overstate my fondness for Bob and the rest of his family. Most days I would go with him to walk the dogs and we would have very long discussions, he told me about his days in the SPGB, the Poll Tax struggle, racism in Oldham and so on. He was a goldmine of experience and information.

My condolences to the rest of the family. He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him, myself included.

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Jun 19 2011 23:06

am really saddened to hear of his passing, met him a couple of times at bookfairs and he was a lovely guy, much like his online persona which was always reasoned and polite, even if he was often telling me to wind my neck in.

learnt a lot from him politically and was always a poster whose opinion i valued even if I disagreed with it.

a great lose.

my condolences to his family and friends.

bring flowers for the rebel...

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Jun 20 2011 07:46

A long time ago, like 1979 I was a young anarcho-socialist-IWW-something on the west coast of the US. It was incredibly hard to find non-leninist publications in Portland. Our little IWW group received a packet of Solidarity for Social Revolution magazines and publications one day in the mail. I stil have those publications today.

I think that is where I first came across Knightrose's writings. I have always read anything by him I ever came across. Although we have had kind of cross political trajectories, he was someone I leant I could could on for a clear discussion, esp of UK issues. I trusted him as a comrade, unmet and unknown from 6000 miles away.

I have, and evidently always will, regret not meeting the comrade who had informed my ideas so well and so memorably. So I can only imagine the great loss to the people who actually knew him.

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Jun 20 2011 10:18

I've only just heard of the news of the death of my dear friend and comrade Bob.
I first got to know him in the early 1970s when the Social Revolution group ( still inside the SPGB) contacted the Anarchist Workers Association of which I was a member to discuss cooperation. I remember him coming around to the flat I shared with 2 other AWA comrades in North London for further discussion There was a joint day school, I seem to remember, held at the old Centro Iberico at Haverstock Hill.There was serious talk of a merger between the 2 groups, but this was not to happen and they ended up merging with Solidarity instead.
The next time I met Bob was when I was up in Manchester handing out an ACF leaflet on a Section 28 demo in early 1988. Bob and the comrades of Subversion liked the leaflet and the ACF and Subversion gradually began to work together, organising various joint events together. With the demise of Subversion Bob joined the ACF with 2 other ex-members including his partner. From then on we have worked together closely over the years. I cannot begin to tell you what a loss Bob is to the AF and to the movement in general. His hospitality, his non- sectarian approach,his political longevity, and his continuing revolutionary optimism were wonderful things.
I miss him very very much.

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Jun 20 2011 13:17

saddened and shocked to hear that Bob is no longer with us. I know Bob from when he came to ICC meetings in Manchester as a member of Suversion in the late 1980s, early 1990s. In recent years, despite his differences with the ICC, he was always welcomed our comrades in meetings organised by the AF and he played an important role in the life of the MCSF at the start of 2010 which saw comrades communist and anarchist militants discuss in a fraternal manner. The last time I saw him was at an AF meeting on the Friday before the big student demo in Manchester last January. He was as passionate as ever for the struggle and reported on libcom the intervention he and his comrades made in central Manchester the following day. My sincere condolences to his partner, family and friends.

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Jun 20 2011 14:46

So sorry to hear this. My condolonces to his family and friends.

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Jun 20 2011 15:06

Farewell and condolences. Life's so short.

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Jun 20 2011 15:41
arminius wrote:
fleabite wrote:
Can we have a proper obituary for him on libcom news?

This would be a very good thing, if possible, and, for whatever reason, not unwise vis a vas his relatives, etc.

Am in contact with his family and yes they'd appreciate it.

Jason Cortez
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Jun 20 2011 16:38

Goodbye Knightrose, although we never met, your words touched and informed me over decades through different media.
My condolences go to his family and friends.
As a movement we could use this as an opportunity to collate writings by him (and those collectively written) and about him, to continue to share his politics and as a fitting tribute to his memory.

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Jun 20 2011 19:05

This is a sudden and very sad loss. Bob was a great comrade and could work well with people of differing opinions. I appreciated his presence greatly during my time in the AF. He will be missed.

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Jun 20 2011 20:03

This was a big shock, and such terrible news. My thoughts are with Bob's close friends and family (especially S---, his children, spiky Mike, Battlescarred), I can't imagine what they must be going through. It just seems so sudden.

I only met Bob a couple of times, and he was one of the few people to be as nice and personable on the internet as he is in real life. However, from his nearly 8 years and hundreds of posts on libcom (all viewable here - he was only our 215th user), I felt like I knew him quite well.

The texts he must have painstakingly digitised, or even typed up as most of them were done before the time of decent OCR software from groups he was involved in like Wildcat, Subversion and Solidarity had a really big impact on me, and others in the libcom group, and for that I am really grateful. Even if sometimes he did get annoyed at us for not crediting him with the versions on our site (although this was not our fault, as we inherited them from the endpage archive which didn't credit him!).

He was a big contributing factor to my decision to join the AF as well.

We would love to publish a proper obituary for him here - please let us know if you would like to write one.

I have been continuing with building the Subversion archive, which I intend to complete ASAP, but maybe we could credit him as the author of articles which he wrote personally, if anyone would like to or is able to identify them, if people think he would have been happy with that.

Again, my sincerest condolences to his family and friends. I hope it can be of some comfort that he affected the lives of lots of people in ways that few people do, and he will be missed by many.