Plan C website launched - check it out

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Apr 26 2020 13:44

As above Plan C clearly haven't learn any worthwhile lessons from their foray into the Corbynista lead Labour Party and subsequent defeat as things return to normal and everyone can just go back to blaming the Tories for everything that's wrong with capitalism. But it's interesting to see how their release from all that has meant their website can go back to dealing with more everyday issues on the ground inspired by the recent growth of crisis lead mutual aid groups with some more useful reports and comments such as this:
although the more astute observers on this thread will notice the ambivalent use of the descriptive ''we'' which on past experience we can take to include their identity with a continuing appeal to a leftist lead state reform programme rather than any genuine independent class based struggle.

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Jul 19 2021 16:08

So, nine years after the foundation of Plan C, where are they now? No longer organising their summer camps in the Peak District but that's down to the problems with the pandemic. More serious is that very few recent articles have appeared on their website on their website , and they seem unable to organise on-line meetings. At least some of their local groups seem to have disappeared, whilst others maintain a presence on social media to a greater or lesser extent. They remain attached to more or less uncritical support of the PKK.
Anyone know of any other developments?

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Noah Fence
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Jul 19 2021 16:24

Speaking of meetings Battlescarred, any plans to hold face to face meetings of the ACG any time soon? Walked past the May Day rooms on Friday and got a frisson of nostalgia for meeting up with you lot!

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Jul 19 2021 20:20

Not in the near future, Still playing safe.

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R Totale
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Jul 26 2021 18:49

Saw they have a podcast now:
I tried listening to the first episode but wasn't really excited by it. Demand A New Normal seems to be their new "thing", but all seems a bit vague: