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Aug 17 2017 14:31

The SWP not my usual preferred source of information and opinion in this area but I did give it a quick listen. The speaker is probably right about the Gulen movement's influence and role both previously and in terms of the attempted coup as well as some other specific points about the subsequent policy of the Turkish government and it's PKK and HDP opponents in relation to the Kurdish 'movement' and specifically the rise of the PKK inspired mini-state in Syria.The discussion to some extent illustrates the confusions of these Leftists aspirations to 'leadership' when it come to their lopsided 'anti-imperialism' and support for the various often conflicting national liberation movements. It's noticeable as well that for an organisation that claims to be in the vanguard of working class struggle there is a distinct absence of any class analysis in relation to the Kurdish populations dispersed across the Turkish-Syria-Iraq-Iran axis of states. This post is perhaps more relevant still to the other 'Turkey News' thread and relates also to some comments I added to the very end of this earlier thread:
Perhaps proletarian could explain their own views about the value of their posting this video?

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Aug 18 2017 10:19

Washington's main Syrian ally in the fight against Islamic State says the U.S. military will remain in northern Syria for decades after the jihadists are defeated, predicting enduring ties with the Kurdish-dominated region,

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Aug 18 2017 18:45

Roni Marguiles is one of the leaders of the Turkish spawn of the SWP. They have a such a disgusting and dishonorable history that it would require a huge article to list all of it. During 2010 constitutional referendum in Turkey they supported Erdogan and his proposed amendment to the constitution. AKP won the referendum and in his victory speech Erdogan even thanked DSIP (Marguiles' party - the Turkish SWP) by name - this is unusual because no one except the radical left even know about its existence in Turkey. But for a long time they served well to Erdogan as his little scab group in the left. AKP municipalities plastered all the big cities with pro-amendment DSIP posters and signs, which would be plainly impossible for this extremely small party to do by solely its own means. That referendum also consolidated Erdogan and Gulenist's power over the state - at the time they were allies. DSIP/Cliffites and other left liberals around it tremendously helped mobilizing the left voters behind AKP's amendment by creating the illusion that if it passes, the political liberties would expand and the army's strength would be curtailed. Neither have happened...

In 2016 wikileaks released personal correspondences of several high ranking turkish officials in Erdogan's cabinet, including his son-in-law, Berat Albayrak. In one of those exchanged DSIP was mentioned as "tied to higher ups", suggesting that they were linked to the Gulenists somehow.

Here is the news article about this - this is a left wing/socialistish paper:

So, the turkish SWP is an extremely dirty organization which openly sided with Erdogan and tried to whitewash his policies in the name of reformism and created a huge confusion by equating everyone opposing the AKP to Kemalists and morally condemning and isolating them.

In this speech R. Marguiles is continuing his dirty and shameful work on sawing confusions. He is trying to clear AKP from its actions during the latest referendum. This latest referndum practically made Erdogan the dictator of the country by concentrating all executive, legislative and judicial control in his office. And AKP actually stole the referendum through deceit, illegal tricks, voting manipulations and frauds in vote counting. There were protests for days afterwards and countless of proof showing that majority of the Turkish people did not actually support AKPs proposal in the referendum. Even the international observers from the EU reported that there were several irregularities with the voting that otherwise could have led to defeat of the referendum.

Anyway, Marguiles is showing once again the same old shameless, spineless and slimy DSIP opportunism in the last part when he talked about Rojava. He accepts that there is not a revolution in Rojava or any real social change. But he also says that "as a Leninist" he cannot "openly criticize" PKK since that would mean rejecting the rights of nations to self-determination principle! That is just disgusting opportunism and he is just discrediting the radical left by this pseudo-radical phraseology - as this is the only real function of the Ciffites. Still, he is at least honest about the fact that there is no genuine social change in Kurdistan. You can never hear them say that in Turkey - as he openly admits. And coming from this deceitful, dirty group even that truth may get stained.

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Jan 18 2018 11:55

Turkish state on the verge of militarily attacking USA supported Kurdish forces both directly and via Syrian proxies amidst USA attempt to secure its diminished place in the carve-up of influence in the region otherwise at odds with it's Turkish NATO ally. Has Turkey assumed too much that the USA would abandon it's Syrian Kurdish allies as soon as ISIS appeared to be defeated?