Predictive Risk Assessment and Preventative Care.

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Dec 13 2017 12:44
Predictive Risk Assessment and Preventative Care.

Has anyone traced the epidemiology around Australia? The Occupational Health and Safety as well as Risk Assessments of all kinds is very dangerous. For example, Transsexuals are at risk of suicide and so current theories support the physiological medical swap so as to prevent suicide. This is bad practice all in the name of risk assessment. Anyhow there needs to be a crackdown on this, it is harmful to people, tracing epidemiology shows us where the medical system is faulty for we have a disease based system, suicide being a mental health issue is categorized under disease most likely and if not very close to it.

What needs to happen is a complete mess up on their data based predictive strategies by instead of making people become accustomed to child friendly hospitals as children and life long patients and dependent on the GP's medicine treadmill, what needs to happen I think is people need to get sick and quickly cured as if they had a cold or something. Then the visits to the GP can have the GP's be taxed were people treating GP's as a friendly business with fast service and GP's lose out and specialized doctors would be having to depend on a privatized model for their reputation for what Government profession offers superior service to the private consultants? Only overpaid doctors proclaim such that we have the most superior health system and so forth showing off their specialized surgical skills like we show off our latest Army Jets whilst the rest of the health care system fails with multiple cover ups.

We need to put a stop to the over cautious safety models made to protect doctors, for example my childhood GP made the wrong assessment that I could have TB and sent me around to other doctors everywhere instead of getting a simple test done and another GP gave me drugs upon an illness without even doing an assessment and then gave me more drugs to prevent something from the first set of drugs happening. This latter doctor took no chances for himself being wrong and was wrong for my health however the safety precautions of the hospital kept him safe. The former doctor made the correct procedure in telling us what he thought though didn't know for sure, he took a risk that he might be wrong though did what was in my best safety though he failed as a doctor in sending me around to other doctor mates of me so as a off handed deal with them so as they'd return the favor and he'd get more clients in future, that's my presumption. Anyhow these doctors are dangerous, once doctors had individual say and that is the first doctors method I described, now doctors work as a team which is the second doctor, both have either too much authority so as to make medical errors like the former or are protected by safety models like the latter.

Thereby what needs to happen I think is now that staff must work as a team under safety precautions and the disease model reins supreme is that something needs to be done to cause doctors to fall into business of curing common cold ailments except not as in more unusual stuff thereby making GP's taxable for lack of lifelong ailments being their main criteria, for long term ailments is what the pharmaceutical industry is currently making a profit on..For the move to this safety based model isn't making us safer it is giving the Medical Industry and Pharmacy more power and Big Pharma is doing a merger with Monsanto, this is very dangerous.Therefore we need to trash these ObamaCare like ideologies and privatize health for those who can afford private health care and tax what overpaid healthcare professionals we can, that would be my ideal.

All in all we need to trash I think this Health, Safety and Predictive Risk Assessment and Preventative Care models.