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Sep 7 2016 17:56
Contacting the otherside


I have recently begun a new job. It's one of these trendy start-up App based jobs. Basically, I am a cleaner, I am employed by the company. I check the App, it tells me where to clean each day. I go there alone, clean... little contact with management (a phonecall max. once every two weeks) and absolutely no engagement with fellow workers. No communication channels... not a single clue who they are!

So I assume all us cleaners at the company are like ghosts! How do we find each other? It's a great place to organise but the separation is a huge block.

If anyone has ideas (however absurd) write it down, any information, links to other forums.

I think the future of service jobs: cleaners, delivery people, taxis etc are all going into this disconnected route. Where we all work alone and for ourselves. With this is my mind we need to start figuring out how to overcome these blocks. So any ideas?

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Sep 7 2016 22:42

That's an interesting dilemma. Is it like Handy? I guess there are loads of similar things at the moment.

I know Deliveroo drivers have a similar app-based employment, but they have shared depots where they meet.

With something like that, if you don't work in large places where you meet each other I guess the only way is for someone to start some sort of public thing online to deliberately try to make contact with others. I know that in the US in some cities Uber drivers have tried to organise in this way (although not with any success so far to my knowledge)

at least one advantage of app-based employment is that the workers are comfortable with technology and electronic communication and have a basic level of English. A problem I have in some organising campaigns where workers are spread across multiple sites is that it is hard to communicate as many don't have email or phones and/or don't speak any English which makes things more difficult.