Continuous Improvement Schemes

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Jul 17 2004 17:31
Continuous Improvement Schemes

The place I work in has brought in a 'Continuous Improvement' scheme over the last year or so, building it into our job descriptions and annual reviews. I think most people will be familiar with the concept, but basically its the idea whereby we, the workers, develop new ways of doing our business to 'improve' things for the company as a whole: reduce bureaucracy, improve processes, etc, etc. Really hit home the other day about how much it proves a point Castoriadis made about capitalism tending to objectify its workers, but at the same time relying on their creativity. I've seen that this is becoming more widespead in other companies - anyone else being caught up by it? Most people I talk to in work about it think its shite and can see the joke in it, or interpret it as 'us doing the boss's job'. A possible point of agitation?

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Jul 17 2004 17:41

Simple demand to put forth. "We'll do your job, when we get your salary. Elsewise, fuck off".

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Aug 25 2016 04:47

Nice post!!

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12 years has to be some kind of record