Suggestions for a solidarity network poster ?

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Oct 11 2016 15:23
Suggestions for a solidarity network poster ?

Can anyone suggest a good graphic and slogan to accompany the details of my local solnet?

I quite like this one;
But perhaps it's a bit cliche


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Oct 11 2016 15:57

Someone smiling.

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Oct 11 2016 18:04

Just don't use the one with the big fish and lots of small fish in the shape of a big fish.

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Oct 11 2016 21:18

No offence, but I don't like it, meaning the "shut it down" poster on that site you linked to. In my view, slogans like that assume that most people know what you mean by "shutting it down". Unless there is already a fairly high level of class-consciousness existing wherever it is you have your solnet and people are already making their own attempts to "shut down the city" (Think Ferguson, or maybe Fresno) then I think that most people, beyond the usual suspects (lefty activists), won't know what the heck you mean with slogans like that.

Also, sometimes less is more, especially if you may not know the mood or tastes of the people that you intend to reach out to, this of course assumes that you don't, and If it were me, I would pretty much dispense with the prefab slogans; that is unless they were already popular locally among 'regular' working-class folks, and instead find someone artistically inclined to make a custom poster; a professional looking poster that is neither bland nor overly gaudy preferably, advertising your organization, perhaps with your basic principals displayed someplace on the poster to give the unaware some idea of what your all about.

But this, of course, is just like my opinion, as the Dude might be inclined to say.

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Rob Ray
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Oct 11 2016 21:28

If you're looking for ideas:

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Oct 11 2016 23:29

What's the purpose of the poster?