Critiques of nihilist communism?

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cornered beef
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Dec 2 2012 23:23

This should be the least worst place for this question of mine.
Years ago, I read a 'text' (whatever you'd like to call it) and in it the author tells a story about going to work at a plant, or factory, and that he would go there on his bike, crying, having drunk a lot of whisky. He wrote, though, that those worst times were past, and mentioned being married. Since, I haven't been able to recall whether that was something Dupont. Or perhaps that I am only remembering the bicycle (from watching the motorway haulage episode).
So that is my question: who might have had text put on the internet about crying going to work.
The confessional tone was pitiful and familiar and encouraged me to feel pitiable as I read it, which frankly was a luxury and I appreciated it. It was not in the style of a wikipedia article or sad community church pamphlet, such is the militant tendency; which is shit, and a shame.
I hope the worst of it has passed for you, too.