Anti-extremism, academics and the UK state

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Aug 9 2019 09:31
Anti-extremism, academics and the UK state

A poster on the spgb website picked up on a recent UK academic study commissioned by the government into Left wing extremism that was worth a read. In so far as the study concentrated mainly on the usual Trotskyist and neo-Trotskyist groups such as the SWP and their relationship to the Labour Party and trade unions it probably expressed some critical views not so dissimilar to those expressed by some anarchist and libertarian communists. Certainly one spgb responder suggested the spgb would agree with the studies initial views of such groups. But other aspects of the way the study sought to classify such views, in terms of commitment to a future communist society, the class nature of the state, working class struggle and anti-parliamentarianism etc would probably just as easily apply to many other genuine class struggle communists opposed to the Trotskyist and various other 'Marxist-Leninist' groups. If you have a look at the governments 'UK Commission for Countering Extremism' website it is obvious that this is all part of a more general politically ideological effort to shore up the capitalist liberal democratic consensus that ropes in all organised forms of what get described as left-wing, right-wing, ethnic and religious ideological tendencies that oppose the current UK states domestic and international policies.
There are some prominent Labour Party and liberal minded figures named as core advisors and plenty of useful academics roped in to assist at a no doubt attractive price. Of course none of this comes as a surprise but I was reminded of the value of keeping track of the spread of the states tentacles into so many everyday aspects of public and particularly academic life.
For those interested suggest you pick it up here (rather than me posting overlong links on this site):