Victor Serge: Conscience of a revolution

A very dapper Victor Serge :)

A podcast on Victor Serge from Pacifica Radio's "Against the Grain" with Richard Greeman, translator, biographer and secretary of The International Victor Serge Foundation.

Tues 4.17.12 | Victor Serge: Conscience of a Revolution

Victor Serge lived a remarkable life in the cause of revolution. Translator and biographer Richard Greeman reflects upon the journalist, novelist, and poet's anarchist youth in France with the Bonnot Gang, his involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution, his imprisonment in Stalin's gulag, and his enduring dissident or libertarian Marxism during some of the darkest days of the 20th century. He discusses Serge's belief in the double duty of the revolutionary: to protect the revolution from threats from without, and to defend it from authoritarianism within.

Listen here.

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Apr 21 2012 21:08


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Apr 21 2012 21:11

Some relevant links:

Victor Serge, Memoirs of a Revolutionary, NYRB, 2012.

Richard Greeman, Beware of Vegetarian Sharks, Lulu, 2009.


Apr 21 2012 21:26

This is interesting, I've always been leery of Serge because many of my ex Trotskyist associations always idolized him and said he was a proponent of Bolshevik-Leninism.

Apr 21 2012 23:34

Do you know what the background is to Serge's mugshot? Sharp lad, button down grandad collar in 1912 cool

Apr 22 2012 05:52

I presume it was taken when he was arrested for being a member of the Bonnot Gang, sure had swagger though!

S. Artesian
Apr 23 2012 02:59

That's not button-down; that's a tab collor-- right out of the late 1950s.

Apr 23 2012 10:56

worn without a tie, like The Kinks!