13. Appendix 1: Companies Supporting the League

Companies Making Donations or Subscribing to the Economic League and/or with a Director on the League's Central Council 1975-1989:

This is a list of slightly more than 600 companies known to have been connected with the Economic League in the last twenty years. Of these about 400 paid a subscription or made a donation to the League while the remainder are known to have had a director who has been on the Central Council of the Economic League.

The list has been compiled from reliable sources including "Labour Research" and "State Research", which obtained their information from the annual reports of the companies making donations. Some were published by "World in Action" and the "Observer". Others were taken from internal documents in the author's possession.

The details of directorships are taken from the company records of The Economic League Co. Ltd.

After 1988 a number of companies claimed to have broken their links with the League in some way or another and others qualified their support for the League. Such claims were usually worded cautiously, and sometimes in a downright misleading way. Amec, for example told one council with whom it was entering a _20m contract, that it did not subscribe to the Economic League but did use the services of The Services Group.

This is not to suggest that all such claims are merely public relations exercises. It does however suggest that some companies were less than frank in their response to straight questions.

It is also known that some companies employed indirect methods of making payments to the League: Boots for example used the British United Industrialists, others have made payments via a solicitor's and at least one, British Leyland, handled its contacts with the League through a small and little-known subsidiary.

A very brief comparison of this list with the "Times 1000" for 1986 reveals some interesting facts: Six of the top ten, twenty of the top fifty and thirty seven of the top one hundred UK companies occur in this list. Together in 1986 these companies alone employed more than 2.1 million people. The list also includes: 9 of the top 50 Investment trusts, 10 of the top fifty Life Insurance Companies and 10 of the top fifty non-life insurance companies.

Companies marked with a "+" are those which have a director in common with the Economic League.

600 Group

A Anderson & Sons

A Longworth & Sons +

A E Symes

A. Monk & Co

A. P. C. M. +

Acme Signs and Displays

Acrian (UK) +

Addle Shaw & Latham

AEGT Pension Trust +

Air UK +

Air Holdings +

Airwork +

Akroyd and Smithers +

Alcan Enfield Alloys

Alder & Mackay

Alexanders Discount +

Alldee Nominees +

Allied Lyons +

Allmay & Layfield

Alpine Double Glazing

AMEC Construction Services

Amey Roadstone

Anchor Chemical Co +

Anthony Gibbs Holdings

Arbuthnot & Savory Mills +

Ardon Contractors

Ashton Court (Sale) +

Associated Engineering

Associated Fisheries

Augustus Barnett

Automotive Products

Avenfield (Pty) Limited - South Africa +


Babcock Power Engineering

Babcock & Wilcox +

Baker Perkins Holdings

Balfour Beatty Construction

Bankers I T +

Barclays Bank

Barfab Reinforcement

Barrow Hepburn Group

Bass Charington

BAT Industries

Battle Farm Lands +

Baxter Bros (1920) +

Baxter Fell International

Beagle Nominees +


Beecham Products

Benson Turner

Berkley Hambro Property

Bernard Sunley


Biggs Wall

Birmid Qualcast

Blue Circle Group +


Bomag (GB)

Border & Southern Stockholders IT +

Bovis Construction

Bowater +

BPB Industries

Bradford & District Newspapers

Braithewaite Engineering


Brewers Society

Bricomin Farms +

Bricomin Investments +


Bridon +


Britannic Finance Trust +

British Telecom

British Manufacture & Research

British Engine

British Commonwealth Investment Co +

British Ropes

British Leyland

British & Commonwealth (Group Management) +

British & Commonwealth Shipping Co (Hotel & Travel Enterprise) +

British & Commonwealth Shipping Co PLC +

British Air Transport (Holdings) +

British & Commonwealth Shipping Co (Aviation) +

British And South American Steam Navigation +

British and Commonwealth

British Vita Co

British United Industrialists +

British Aluminium

British Investment Trust Bullock Construction

Brocklehurst Mews Maintenance +

Brooke Bond Leibig

Brooklands House +

Bryant Construction

Brymo Steel

Building Joinery Components +

Building Employers Federation

Burmah Oil

C T Bowring

C.B.I. Management Education Committee +

Caledonia Investments +

Cambrian Soft Drinks +

Cape Industrial Products

Cape Boards

Capital and Countries Property

Carlton Mansions +

Carpets International Clayton Dewandre

Cawoods Holdings

Cayzer Irvine Shipping +

Cayzer Ltd +

Cayzer Gartmore Investments +

Cayzer Irvine (Investments) +

Cayzer Irvine (Property Management) +

Cayzer Irvine (Group Finance) +

Cayzer Irvine (Insurance Management) +

Cayzer Irvine & Co +

Cayzer Trust - The +

Cedar IT


Cementmakers Federation

Centre for Policy Studies - The +

Chanton Engineering

Chapel Court (Ashton) +

Charles Stephenson Funeral Directors

Charlton Leslie Construction

Chartered Trust Agency +

Chevron Foods +

Chloride Industrial Batteries

Christian Coull Consultants +

Chritian Salvessen PLC +

Chrysler UK

Ciba Geigy

City National Investment Trust +

Clan Line Investments +

Clan Line Steamers - The +

Clanair +

Clos-o-mat (Great Britain) +

Clothing & Allied Products Industrial Training Board

Clyde Nominees +


Coates Bros & Co


Commercial Union +

Commercial Street Nominees +

Compair Broomwade

Compaq Computer Corporation


Consolidated Goldfields +

Consumer & Video Holdings +

Continental Union Agricultural Holdings +

Continental Union Finance Co +

Cookson Group

Corals Racing

Costain (UK)

Courage +


Coutts & Co

Crabtree Vickers

Crane Fruehauf Trailers

Crewkerne Investments +


Daniel Thwaites

Davidsons Ltd

De La Rue

Dean Craft Fahey +

Delta Enfield Cables

DFM Holdings +

Dickinson Robinson Group


Dock & Airport Services +

Dominion General Trust

Doncasters Shefield(Inco Europe)

Donkin & Co +

Dow Scandia

Dowsett Engineering Construction

Dowty Communications

Drake & Skull Holdings

Drayton Japan Trust +

Drummonds Branch Nominees +

Dundee Office Royal Bank Of Scotland Nominees +


Dupont Plastic Gas Pipes

Duritas Trustees +

E C Stenson

Eagle Star

East Lancashire Papers Group

Eastman Kitchens

Edbro (Holdings)

Edgar Allen Balfour

Edifice Trustees +

Edinburgh West End Nominees +

Edmund Nutall

Electra IT +

Engineering Employers Federation +

English and New York Trust

English Electric

English China Clays

Equity Capital Trustees +

Evans Medical

Ever Ready Holdings +

Everards Breweries +

Faber Prest Holdings

Fairclough Construction

Fairey Co

Fairey Group

Fairport Engineering


Federated Employers' Press +

Field Tanksteamship Co +

Field Industries Ltd - Zimbabwe +

Field Industries Africa Ltd - South Africa +

Field Aviation Co Ltd - Canada +

Fitch Lovell

Flemming Technology IT +

Flemming Far East Trust +


Ford Motor Company

Foreign And Colonial IT +


Forthaven +

Forward Chemicals +

Fraser House commercial Developments +

Frederick Robinson +

Freemantle & Co +

French Kier

Friends Provident Life Office +

Frobisher Gardens Maintenance +

Fry Construction

Furness Withy & Co

G Percy Trentham

G.K.N +


Galliford Sears

Gartmore Investment Management +

Gartmore Securities +


Geest Holdings

General Combustion

Geoffrey Osborne

George Wimpey

Gerrard & National Discount


Gibson Crude Oil Purchasing Co Ltd - Canada +

Gillinghm Woodcraft

Glasgow Stockholders

Glass Bulbs


Goldsmiths Research Foundation +

Gordon Street Nominees +

Grand Metropolitan Contract Services

Greater Manchester Economic Development Corporation +

Greater Manchester Residuary Body +

Green's Economiser +

Greenall Whitley +

Greene King

Greene King +

Greenhalls +

Group 4 Total Security

Guardian IT

Guardian Royal Exchange

H & J Quick

H J Heinz

Hall Engineering (Holdings) +

Halmatic +

Hampton's Wholefoods +

Hanley Economic Building Society +

Hanson Engineering

Hanson Trust

Hardys & Hanson

Harlands of Hull Hambros

Harry Neal

Harrytown Hall Maintenance +

Hartwells of Oxford

Hawker Siddeley +

Hazleton UK

Head Office Nominees +

Hector Whaling +


Hepworth Ceramic Holdings Henry Barratt

Herbert Ferryman

Hereford English Wine

Hewden Stuart Crane

Hiram Walker & Sons (Sctl)

Hogg Robinson +

Homfray & Co +


Houlder Bros

Howard Doris Construction

Howson Algraphy

Huntaven Properties Ltd +

Hunters Foods

Huntfield Trust Ltd +

Hunting & Son +

Hunting Firecracker +

Hunting Associated Survey Holdings +

Hunting Associated Industries +

Hunting Group +

Hunting (Eden) Tankers +

Hunting Petroleum (America) +

Hunting Survey & Photographic +

Hunting Painting Contractors +

Hunting International (Holdings) +

Hunting Gibson +

Hunting Investments +

Hunting Surveys and Consultants +

Hunting Steamship Co +

Hunting Aviation Management +

Hunting Engineering Management +

Hunting Associates Limited - Canada +

Hunting Composites +

Hunting Oil & Gas +

Hunting Holdings +

Huntley & Sparks (Lands) +

Huntley Cook & Co +


Hyphen Fitted Furniture



Imperial Group

Inner Guard

Institute of Personnel Management +

Institutional Fund Managers +

Insulated Buildings Ltd Interiors

Intercosmetics +

International Shipping Information Services +

International Westminster Bank +

Iron Trades Insurance +

J H Fenner & Co

J Bibby & Sons +

J R Govett

James Longley

James Galt & Co

James Neill Holdings +

James Walker

Jenks & Cattell +

John Jones Excavations

John E Wiltshire

John Mowlem

John I Jacobs

John Laing Construction

John Wilmott Group

Johnson Matthey

Jonas Woodhead & Sons

Jones Laing Wootton

K Wool Products

Keeton & Sons

King Line +

King Investigation Bureau

Kingsway Nominees +

Kleinwort Overseas IT +

Kleinwort Charter IT +

Kleinwort Benson Lonsdale +

Komatsu UK

Kyle Stewart

L.D.C. Trust Management +

Lake View IT +

Lamson Industries

Law Debenture Overseas +

Law Debenture Trust Corporation PLC +

Law Debenture Intermediary Corporation +

Law Debenture Corporation PLC +

Laycock Engineering Lloyds Bank +

Lead Industries Group

Legal and General

Lincoln Woodworking

Lindsay Oil Refinery


Lister Peter


Lombard Street Nominees +

London & Southhampton Stevedoring Co. +

London-American Maritime Trading +

London Brick Co

London Prudential IT

Low & Bonar

Lyon & Lyon

M & G

M & G Group +

M J Gleeson

Magnet Joinery

Magnet Metals

Main Gas Appliances

Maintenance Chemicals +

Management Search International +

Manchester Chamber of Commerce +

Manor House Hotel (Castle Combe) - The +

Markham Systems

Marlar International +

Marley Group

Marples International Holdings

Massey Ferguson

Matthew Hall Engineering

Matthew Clark & Son +

Maxwell UK

McCarthy & Stone

McGlauchlin & Harvey

McKenhie Bros

Meldrum Investment Trust PLC +


Metal Box +

Midland Bank +

Miller Buckley

Miller Construction

Mineral Drilling International +

Missouri Maintenance +

MJN Newcastle

Mono Pumps

Morgan Crucible +

Morgan Grenfell +

Mount Nelson Hotel +

National & Commercial +

National Westminster Bank +



Nestle & Co

Nicholas Lane Nominees +

Nico Construction

North British Hire Purchase +

Northern Petroleum and Bulk Freight +

Northern Engineering Estates

Norwest Holst

Norwich Union Insurance

Norwood Estates (Stretford) +

Ocean Transport & Trading +

Ondawel (GB) +

Oxford University Appointments Committee +

P C Harrington Contracts

P Hassall

Parkfield Jersey +

Pauline Hyde & Associates +


Penrith Door Co

Pentland IT

Phoenix Steel Tube

Phoenix Assurance +

Picadilly Nominees +


Plaxtons (Scarboro)

Plessey Group +

Plessey Group


Portland Group Factors +


Powell Duffryn

Power Steels

Powers Samas

Precision Cast Parts Corporation

Press Offshore

Project Direction Ltd +

Provincial Insurance

Ptarmigan (Nove Leather)

R & M Fabrications

R R & J Willan +

R W Willan (Estates) +

R M Douglas Construction

R.B. Property Nominees +

Racal Guardall (Sctl)

Radio Forth +

Rank Hovis McDougall Royal Insurance

Ransome Sims & Jefferies

RCO Contract Services

Readicut International +

Reckitt & Colman

Record Ridgeway +

Redhill Aerodrome +

Redhill Flying Club +

Redland Engineering

Regent Street Nominees +

Reliance Security ServicesRuberoid

Rexodan +

Rexshire Ltd +

Richard Costain

Rockware Group +

Rockwell (UK) +

Roland Long Associates +

Ross Foods

Rosser & Russell Building Services

Royal Bank of Scotland & Prosper Nominees +

Royal Insurance

Royal Bank of Scotland - The +

Royal Bank of Scotland Group - The +

Royal Bank of Scotland (Aberdeen) Nominees - The +

Royal Bank of Scotland (Central Branch, Glasgow) Nominees - The +

Rudolf Wolff & Co +

Rush & Tomkins Group +

Samuel Webster Breweries

Samuel Jones

Sanderson Walker & Sons (Sctl)

Sanderson Kayser

Sankey Sugar +

SBAC (Farnborough) +



Scotcom Nominees +

Scottan Investments +

Scottish Council for Development and Industry - The +

Scottish Lion Insurance Co - The +

Scottish Lion Investments +

Scottish National Trust +

Scottish and Newcastle Breweries

Scottish United Investors +

Scottish Shire Line - The +

Scottish lion Holdings +

Scottish Tanker Co. - The +

Sea Lion Investments +

Seabridge Shipping +

Seapool +

Secdee Nominees +

Second Industrial Trust +

Securites Limited +

Senior Engineering

Sheffield Testing Works +

Shell Petrol +


Shephard Hill

Shepherd Neame +

Sinclair & Collis

Singer & Friedlander +

Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons

Sir Alfred McAlpine



Slough Estates

Slough Newspaper Printers

Smiths Warehousing Group +

Smiths Industries

Society of British Aerospace Companies - The +

South Wales Electricity Board +

Spath Holme +

Spear & Jackson

Spirax-Sarco +

St Vincent Street Nominees +

St Mary Axe Holdings +

Stag Line +

Standard Broadcasting Corporation of Canada +

Standard Continuous

Staveley Industries +

Sterling Industries +

Stockbridge Engineering Steels

Stockholders IT

Stone Platt Industries

Storreys of Lancaster

Streed Ltd

Sulzer (UK)

Sun Alliance +

Swan Hunter Group

Symbol Biscuits

Symmonds English Wine +

Syntex Pharmaceuticals

T C Harrison

T S Overy

Tabuchi Electrical UK

Tanganika Concessions

Tanks Consolidated IT +

Tarmac Construction

Taskman Security Services

Tate & Lyle +

Taylor Woodrow

Thermal Syndicate

Thirsk Racecourse Ltd +

Thomas Borthwick & Sons

Thomas Grice & Co Tallent Engineering

TI Domestic Appliances

Tilbury Contracting

Total Oil Marine

Touche, Remnant & Co +

Touche, Remnant Holdings +

TR Industrial & General Trust PLC +

TR North American Investment Trust PLC +

TR Technology Investment Trust PLC+

TR City of London Trust +

TR Pacific Basin IT +

TR Holdings (1974) +

TR Natural Resources +

TR Trustees Corporation +

TR Australia Investment Trust PLC +

Trafalgar House +

Tragen Finance +

Trans Oceanic Trust +

Transmanche Link

Transport Development Group

Travel Savings (I) +

Travel Savings +

Travel Savings (XII) +

Trico Folberth

Tube Investments +

Tube Investments

Turner & Newall

Turner & Newall +

Turriff Corporation


Tysons (Contractors)

Tytherington Court +

Union Castle Mail Steamship Co - The +

Union Street Nominees +

Union castle Line +

Union Discount Co of London

Uniroyal Englebert Tyres

United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution +

United Molasses

Urquhart Engineering +

Valour Heating

Varian TEM

Vaux Breweries

Venesta International Components

Vickers Instrument Co


Victor International Plastics

W & T Avery

W H Smith Electrical Engineers Group


Wagon Industrial Holdings +

Walsall Conduits

Walter Lawrence

Walter Llewelyn & Sons

Wandel & Halterman & Co

Wardle Court +

Wardley Group

Weir Group

West George Street Nominees +

Western Royal Bank of Scotland Nominees +

Westments +

Westminster Contractors

Westminster Bank +

Westminster Press

Wests Group International


Whalley House +

Whinney Murray & Co +

Whitbread +

Wilkinson Match

Willan Home Improvements +

Willan Bros (Sale) +

Willan Properties +

Willans of Macclesfield +

William H Herbert +

William Baird & Co

William Latimer & Co +

William Boulton Group +

William Jackson

Williams and Glyns +

Wilmot Breeden +

Wilsons Breweries

Wm Teacher Ltd +

Woodhunt Property +

Woolsey house +

Worthington Simpson

Y J Lovell Construction

Yorkshire Bank PLC +

Yorkshire Post Newspapers +