Notes of a layman - Iuda Grossman-Roshchin


Letter to the editorial staff of Modern Architecture. Source: Sovremennaya arkhitektura. 1926, nr. 3, p. 77 and cover.

On Trump, fascism, and stale social science - Matthew Lyons

Donald Trump's rise as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination set off a flurry of articles labeling him a fascist. These pieces -- which have appeared on sites as varied as Newsweek, Common Dreams, and CounterPunch -- are misguided. Calling Trump a fascist promotes a distorted understanding of fascism and obscures the fact that Trump's demagogic hate-mongering is deeply rooted in mainstream U.S. politics.

Trump: “anti-political” or right wing? - Matthew Lyons

Some leftists have declared recently that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is fundamentally “anti-political” rather than right wing. But the evidence they offer actually highlights the similarities between Trump and earlier right-wing populist candidates Patrick Buchanan and George Wallace. This debate also highlights the need to combat both Trump’s demagoguery and the political establishment he is railing against.

Plättner, Karl (1893-1945)

Karl Plättner

As important as Max Hoelz in the history of the German Revolution, Karl Plättner lacked Hoelz’s talent for self-publicity but was as much a rebel and intransigent revolutionary as Hoelz (1)

Garcia, Vicente (1866-1930) aka Palmiro aka Martin Zalacain

El Combate

A short biography of Vicente Garcia, one of the first Spanish anarchist communists, also active in South Wales, France and London

Contra a metafísica da escassez, copiosidade prática - humanaesfera

Uma resposta à seguinte objeção: "A abundância (superação da escassez) é impossível, uma vez que vivemos em um universo com recursos limitados, não só econômica mas fisicamente; portanto superar a escassez é uma exigência metafísica, absurda, que necessitaria uma automatização total do universo infinito para entregar à cada indivíduo, elevado ao status de um deus, a realização de seus menores caprichos e arbitrariedades."

Review: Lissagaray's Geschichte der Commune von 1871 - August Bebel

Bebel reviews Lissagaray's book on the Commune. A critique of the Commune, the weakness of socialism in France.

On the evolution of abuse - Lev Kamenev

(Notes). Source: Under the Banner of Marxism, 1922, nr. 4, pp. 108–11. On some bourgeois rantings against Bolshevism. Reproduced for reference only.

Social war and imperialist spider’s web in Syria (2011-2015) by Proletarios Internacionalistas

"Guerra social y telaraña imperialista en Siria (2011-2015)"
Here is a very fast draft translation of a chapter from a brochure published in Spanish about the struggles in Syria.