Points of unity - Black Rose Anarchist Federation

The organizational points of unity for Black Rose Anarchist Federation, a nationwide group in the U.S.

The NHS is 60 - RaHN

A 64-page booklet produced by the Radical History Network of NE London (RaHN) on the NHS. Marking the latter's 60th anniversary, it draws together a variety of articles on different aspects from local health services and workers' struggles to long-term medical history.

100 years of Freedom

A collection of writings celebrating the 100th anniversary of Freedom newspaper from 1986. We do not agree with all of the articles but reproduce them for reference.


A partial online archive of Freedom newspaper, which was the world's longest running anarchist newspaper, published in the UK from 1886 to 2014.

Parker, Colin, 1948-2015

Colin Parker

A short biography of Colin Parker, one of the founders of the Anarchist Federation

'Clasismo' and the workers: 'Sindicalismo de Liberacion' in the Cordoban automobile industry, 1970-1975 - James P. Brennan

An in-depth study of radicalism in the Cordoban car manufacturing industry, with focus on the activities and fortunes on the revolutionary clasismo movement.

Kurdistan? - Gilles Dauvé [fra]

Une analyse critique du mouvement kurde dans le contexte du conflit syrien et la soi-disant «révolution Rojava", par Gilles Dauvé.