Anarchy #041: Land

Anarchy #041: Land

Issue of Anarchy Magazine from July 1964 focusing on agriculture, ecology and sustainability.

  • Approaches to the Land (Tom Jones)
  • Anarchism and Agriculture (Alan Albon)
  • Why I Work on the Land (Tim Meadows)
  • Fields, Factories and Workshops (John Ellerby)
  • Direct Action and the Urban Environment (Robert Swann)

Correction to ANARCHY 40: The Unions and Workers’ control

Two errors occurred in the report of the Nottingham Study Group on Industrial Democracy on p.178. It is implied in the references to Tony Topham’s remarks on the increase in strikes over “non-economic” issues that he was referring to the engineering industry alone, but in fact he was speaking of all industries. Similarly in his account of Professor Turner’s figures it is said that these refer to the mining industry, whereas in fact the sentence in Topham’s article reads “Professor Turner has shown that, disregarding the mining industry’s figures, the annual number of stoppages of work recorded by the Ministry of Labour has doubled …”

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