Atlas Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft

Atlas Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft

1930 statistical atlas on society and the economy by Otto Neurath and German council communist artist Gerd Arntz in PDF format.

Gesellschaft_und_Wirtschaft_1931.pdf14.54 MB


Feb 2 2012 16:57

Sweet! I love Neurath's isotypes. Thanks for putting this up.

Feb 2 2012 17:14

The isotypes are Arntz's, I need to rewrite the intro…

Feb 2 2012 18:15

Really? I am pretty sure they are Neurath's. I recognize quite at least a few of them. But maybe I mis-remember how they collaborated.

Feb 6 2012 01:42

IIRC from reading a book i bought about Arntz .... Otto Neurath was the theorist and Austrian social scientist behind the Isotype system, and hired Arntz onto his team, once he had secured funds from Vienna's new social democratic government. (don't take this for fact, it's just what i think i remember)