Autognome newsletter

Autognome newsletter

Partial online archive of Autognome, a London anarchist/squatters freesheet. At least six issues were published in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Autognome was a provocative rag, the halfblood child of some of the rowdy London end of the free festival-oriented Free Information Network, with refugees from Brixton squatters mag Crowbar, based around publishing dates of upcoming radical events, news of demos and campaigns, and potshots at the left, the right and pretty much everyone…

- Past Tense

Autognome fingered in The Times, Monday 2nd April 1990 - following the Poll Tax riots.

Autognome #5 Autumn 19903.56 MB

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Jul 5 2021 11:46


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R Totale
Jul 5 2021 15:30

"an article on the witchcraft hoaxes set up by Information Policy (MoD's anti-IRA psy-ops department) in Northern Ireland in the mid-70s" - anyone know anything about what this involved? Sounds like it could be a fascinating story.

Jul 5 2021 16:16

Yeah I thought that. Looks like there is an anthology of Pagan News, the mag piece was in, coming out later this year so perhaps it will be in that. If not Phil Hine, the editor, is still about on twitter.