The Imprisoned Worker Newsletter

The Imprisoned Worker Newsletter

This zine has been put together by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Incarcerated Workers’ Organising Committee (IWOC) in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. It aims to provide a platform for prisoners, ex-prisoners and fellow workers to educate and organise one another in order to agitate against the prison-industrial-complex.

If you would like to order printed copies to distribute, please email

If you have a friend in prison that would like a copy, please email us their address and we would love to post one in.

Entries are welcome for the second edition. Email them to or post them to IWW, PO Box 5251, Yeovil, BA20 9FS.

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R Totale
Jul 10 2018 18:14


  • ...prisons cannot function without the labour of prisoners. We cook the food, maintain the gardens, clean the wings, work at reception, do the laundry, pack the canteen bags. Without us, prisons could not afford the cost of keeping us imprisoned. Ironic isn’t it?

    Nicole, Ex-Prisoner Fellow Worker