Mutual Aid - An Introduction

Mutual Aid - An Introduction

A 13-page PDF zine aimed at complete beginners that offers a few tools to help you start thinking about & practicing mutual aid. This zine was originally hosted at Peach-Tree, Pear-Tree.

A NOTE: I made this zine for absolute beginners, including people perhaps without fully-worked-out political or theoretical commitments. The intention is not to give people a full education, nor to nail down what mutual aid ‘is’. Rather, I wanted to provide some small tools that can get people started with the practice of mutual aid. Doing is the best political education! Comrades and long-term organisers will no doubt find much to criticise in this necessarily limited & partial account. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks so much to all readers. In love and solidarity, josie sparrow

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R Totale
Apr 18 2020 14:54


  • We are the experts on our own lives. Through mutual aid, we support and empower one another to create the lives we want to live and the world we want to see, right now.

    Josie Sparrow

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