Sic I


Juan Conatz
Nov 16 2011 21:14

Cool. I was gonna put this up because the font on the original was headache inducing!

Nov 17 2011 08:30

Could you please make a pause in the copying? The guy who is working on that website is not finished yet and there are a couple of texts that need to be updated as well. /P.Å.

Nov 17 2011 11:58

No problems, would you be able to let us know when the updates are finished? Will happily update anything that's already on here as well!

I would also encourage people to buy a copy if you're into the texts, because the hard copy looks amazing. I don't know where you can buy them from, do you know suitsmeveryfine?

Nov 17 2011 16:06

The "Editorial", "How one can still put forward demands…" and "Indignados in Greece" are the texts that need to be updated to correspond with the printed version. I hope these updates will be made soon. I'll post a message here as soon as I know.

I'm very glad that you like the hard copy. I haven't got hold of one myself as the issues haven't reached Scandinavia yet. As for buying the issue, my answer is again: soon. Right now you should be able to find copies in London and in Paris if you know the right people smile. Personally I had wanted the texts not to be published online until all of these issues had been resolved, but someone was obviously impatient.

Nov 17 2011 16:16

Ah fair enough! Yeah there were hard copies for sale at the historical materialism conference, they're really nice. Will hold off copying any more until it's sorted, and will put up links to buy copies too once they're on sale properly smile

Dec 2 2011 01:52

I've now uploaded all the up to date texts here if you want to copy them over to Libcom. The Editorial needs to be updated. Unfortunately there is still no way to order the book, except the French version.

Jan 2 2012 21:55

Hey, I can only find the articles in French on the Riff-Raff site? Does the Sic site have updated articles on it yet?

Jan 2 2012 22:23
Ramona wrote:
Hey, I can only find the articles in French on the Riff-Raff site? Does the Sic site have updated articles on it yet?

Click on the title in english next to the authors name it links to the text in english

The Sic site seems up and running as well

Jan 2 2012 22:57

Nice one Cooked, Mamma didn't raise no fool smile

Jan 5 2012 16:32

is their a UK distro for a hard copy of this?

Jan 8 2012 23:36

The English texts on the riff-raff website are updated; those on are not unfortunately.

Jan 19 2012 15:20

Now, finally, there is a distro in the UK: Active distribution. The English issue can also be ordered from Sweden and the French issue from here.

Juan Conatz
Apr 6 2012 06:05

Yeah the hard copy is pretty snazzy looking for sure. Saw two of these folks recently in Milwaukee. Unfortunatly, I didn't have any $ for it and they had limited copies at that time anyway

what ever
Jun 15 2012 03:01

I think some might be printed from Milwaukee in the next month or so if you'd want some sent your way. Email me bout it.

Nov 18 2012 01:32

Perhaps a stupid question, but what is the cover art from and what is it supposed to mean? Has been bothering me ever since I got my hands on a copy tongue