The couriers are revolting! The Despatch Industry Workers Union, 1989-1992

Couriers in London

An excellent and inspiring pamphlet about London's Despatch Industry Workers Union (DIWU). A radical, self-organised and direct action-oriented grouping, it lasted three years, and here the author recounts its history and analyses its successes, failures and lessons for other workers.

Written by Des Patchrider, this pamphlet was printed and is available for sale from the Kate Sharpley Library. Our thanks go to the KSL and the author for permission to host this text online. Readers are encouraged to donate to the KSL to assist them continue their work in recording and archiving the history of the anarchist and working class movements. Email info at for more information.

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Feb 13 2009 11:11

Am I correct in thinking this was a DAM initiative?

Fall Back
Feb 13 2009 11:30


Awesome Dude
Dec 6 2011 23:01

Does anyone from Sol-Fed know who wrote this booklet? I imagine the long term inmates of south London 'Sol-Fed' would have some idea?

Joseph Kay
Dec 6 2011 23:13

Yeah, drop them a line and they can ask one of the longer-term members, and maybe put you in touch if possible.

Dec 7 2011 10:05

I know him

Aug 12 2016 11:44

A translation of this pamphlet was issued by the Propaganda Committee of the Swedish Anarcho-Syndicalist Youth Federation in 2002. You can find it at:

Serge Forward
Aug 12 2016 12:56
Note: All events in this booklet are true. However, pseudonyms are used to protect those of us still working as couriers. The only real names used are Pete Fordham (a good comrade, deceased)

I was a mate of Pete Fordham's, one time ACF (now the AF) member, who sadly died in a road accident on his bike. When we were designing the ACF logo, the hands and flames image was Pete's idea.