Under the banner of Marxism - 1922, 1923

First issue of PZM: 1922 no. 1-2

3 Editorial
5 1. Leon Trotsky: Letter
8 2. Abram Deborin: Collapse of Europe or celebration of imperialism?, text
28 3. Vagarshak (Ter-)Vaganian: Our Russian Spenglerians, text
33 4. Yevgeni Preobrazhensky: Debris of old Russia
36 5. Georgi Plekhanov: Augustin Thierry and the materialist conception of history, text
50 6. Vladimir Vilenskiy-Sibiryakov : The problem of production and the revolution
59 7. Vagarshak Ter-Vaganian: On Georgii Safarov's book The Colonial Revolution: The Case of Turkistan
63 8. Avetis Sultanzade : Question of Industrialization of India


66 9. Party member: On courses for Marxist studies in the Socialist Academy
68 10. A. Frenkel: It is necessary to sharpen the revolutionary weapon


70 11. Arkady Timiryazev : Albert Einstein. Relativity: The Special and General Theory
73 12. V.R.: Marx and Engels Collected Works t. III
74 13. V.R. (Vaganian): Plekhanov's letter to Lavrov
76 14. B.Sch.: Gabriel Deville: Scientific socialism
77 15. Boris Pinson: Mehring. Historical materialism.
78 16. S. Gimmelfarb: Boris Isaakovich Gorev. Materialism - the philosophy of the proletariat
79 17. V.R.: Antionio Labriola. Historical materialism and philosophy
80 18. M. Pavlovich (pseudonym of Mikhail Veltman): Andrei Snesarev . Afghanistan

no. 3 (March)

5 1. Vladimir Lenin: On the Significance of Militant Materialism text
13 2. Letters of Marx and Engels to Lassalle
26 3. David Ryazanov: Page from Marx's life
33 4. Michail Pokrowski: Prof. Robert Wipper on the crisis of historical science
37 5. Stefan S. Krivtsov: Methodology of social sciences of Semyon Frank
43 6. Vagarshak (Ter-)Vaganian: Scholarly obscurantist (on Lev Karsavin)
55 7. V. I. Nevsky: Political horoscope of the academic scientist
67 8. Vladimir Sarabjanov : Dialectics and formal logic
77 9. Semyon L'vovich Gonikman (footnote): Dialectics of comrade Bukharin (see Yehoshua Yakhot's jews in soviet philosophy)
86 10. A. Lozovsky: Anarchism and Marxism in the mass movement
91 11. L.N. Kritsman: Commodity and production
104 12. P. Mesyatsev: The agrarian question and agrarian policy


115 13. О. Galustian: Socialist Academy
117 14. L. Kritsman: History of R.S.F.S.R.
119 15. O. Muzin: Necessary addition
119 16. Academic: What should be the highest laboratory of Marxism
120 17. Boris Volin: Letter to comrades editors


122 M. Chernov: Thought No. 1
124 Nikolai Leonidovich Meshcheryakov: Library of materialism.
125 V.S.: On the collected works of G.V. Plekhanov, 5 volumes of Selected Philosophical Works , 24 volumes in Russian
127 V.S.: Marx and Engels Collected Works t.VI
127 R. Kovnator: On Plekhanov
129 R.V.: James Guillaume. International
130 F.A.: B.I. Gorev: M.I. Bakunin, his life, activities and thought
131 B. Pinson, Preobrazhensky: Anarchism and communism
133 V.S.: Byloe No. 17, Memories of Peter Alexeyevich Kropotkin (about Byloe)
135 V. Vaganian: On the pamphlet of comrade Ya. Yakovlev
137 B. Sch.(Vaganian): Proletarian students
138-141 M. Pavlovich: Lenin Collected Works, t. XIX

no. 4

5 1. David Ryazanov: R. Owen and D. Ricardo
23 2. F. Engels: Fragment from St-Fourier on trade
58 3. Charles Galton Darwin: Structure of the atom
73 4. Arkady Timiryazev: Does the contemporary electrical theory of matter refute materialism?
82 5. V.V.(Vaganian): With cross and god against materialism
95 6. V. I. Nevsky: Nostradamus of the 20th century, text
101 7. Valerian Polianskii (Polyansky, pseudonym of Pavel Ivanovich Lebedev): "Immortal vulgarity" and "praise of idleness"
108 8. Yu. Kamenev: On the evolution of swearing


112 Roman Yefimovich Wajsberg (1896-1935): On the assignment book of political economy
115 Leo Deutsch: On G.V. Plekhanov and his literary heritage
116 Leo Deutsch: Letter to editors
117 David Ryazanov: Answer to L.G. Deutsch


119 V.T.: Walter Rathenau. The new state.
121 R:V.: V.N. Perets (biography). Brief description of the methodology of the history of Russian literature.
123 B. Pinson: Peter Stuchka. The revolutionary role of the law and state.
125 Cholom Moiseievitch Dvolaitski (Sholom Dvolajski) : New publication of the Communist manifesto
127 Dmitri Bogolepov : M.I. Bogolepov . Currency chaos
128 Dmitri Bogolepov: M. I. Bogolepov. Paper money
129 On the Collected Works of Lenin
131 R.V.: Index of the Social-Democrats. literature 1883-1905
133 Communist library

no. 5-6

5 Leon Trotsky: Passing Thoughts on Plekhanov, text (alternative text)
10 Abram Deborin: In lieu of an article
13 Lyubov Axelrod: Plekhanov's Attitude Toward Art, From Personal Recollections
22 Vladimir Friche (Russian): G. V. Plekhanov and Aesthetic Science
34 Boris Gorev: G. V. Plekhanov's struggle against the opponents of revolutionary marxism
41 V. Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov's Struggle Against Economism
53 David Ryazanov: Forword to F. Engels' article On P.L. Lavrov and P.N. Tkachev
53 F. Engels: On P.L. Lavrov and P.N. Tkachev
63 Georgi Plekhanov: Speech at the International Workers’ Socialist Congress in Paris
(July 14-21 1889), text
64 Georgi Plekhanov: The question of war at the International Congress in Zürich
68 Georgi Plekhanov: Welcoming speech for German social-Democracy at Copenhagen
69 Georgi Plekhanov: Letter to sister
72 Circular letter of police department – on G. V. Plekhanov
74 Felix Kon: G. V. Plekhanov on the representatives of Polish fiction.
77 Lyubov Axelrod: From My Memories of G. V. Plekhanov, text
87 Anatoly Lunacharsky: Some encounters with G. V. Plekhanov, text
96 Cholom Dvolaitski: On Marx's theory of value
108 A. Kohn: Critique of critics (in defense of Bukharin), see also Bukharin's Answer to my critics
122 S. Minin: Philosophy Overboard!, text
127 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Philosophy Overboard?
131 R.V.: Historical materialism
133 V.V. (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. Art and Social Life
135 David Ryazanov: F. Engels. Forgotten letters
136 Valerian Polianskii: On Berg's book
139 F.A.: Semyon Yakovlevich Wolfson. Dialectical materialism of G.V. Plekhanov
140 S.D.: Modestov on Timiryazev
141 Aleksandr Maksimov (under): Chwolson (Orest Danilovich Khvolson) . Physics
144 S.V.: Colleded Works of G.V. Plekhanov
152 Collected Works of Marx and Engels
153 Letters to editors

no. 7-8

5 Abram Deborin: Ludwig Feuerbach (for the 50th anniversary of his death)
41 Ludwig Feuerbach: Preliminary Theses on the Reform of Philosophy
57 Karl Marx: Letter to Feuerbach, text
58 Open letter of the Heidelberg students to philosopher Feuerbach
58 Address of Feuerbach education society
59 Anton Memminger: Funeral speech as representative of the Social-Democratic party at the grave of Feuerbach
61 Nikolai Bukharin: Bourgeois revolution and proletarian revolution
82 Aleksandr Udaltsov: A.A. Bogdanov. To critics of the theory of class.
101 Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx Aveling: Shelly as a socialist, text
121 V. Nevsky: Restauration of idealism and struggle with the 'new' bourgeoisie, partial text
131 V. Vaganian: Against Atheism -- Charlatanism
138 Stefan Krivtsov: Jules Guesde
143 Stefan Krivtsov: Jules Guesde in Russian language
145 Cholom Moiseievitch Dvolaitski: About the single 'contradiction' in K. Marx's economic system
154 A. Mendelson: The concept of socially-necessary labour as part of Marx's theory of value
165 A. Tev: On the first international congress of materialists
168 Reader: On one clear question
169 Materialist (Vaganian): Request to editors of 'communist library'
170 Aleksandr Maksimov: Popular-scientific literature on the principle of relativity
182 V. Rumij (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. In defense of revolutionary marxism.
185 T.V.: G.V. Plekhanov. Fundamental Questions of Marxism
187 F.A.: Wolfson. Great socialist.
188 A.A.: Semkovsky What is marxism.
188 D.E.: Clara Zetkin. Karl Marx and His Life Work
189 Vladimir Vilensky: New East
190 V.V.: A. Šilov What to read on the history of the revolutionary movement in Russia
191 A. Mendelson: Fundamental directions of the theory of value in Russian language literature

no. 9-10

5 Abram Deborin: Ludwig Feuerbach
35 Ludwig Feuerbach: Principles of Philosophy of the Future, text
84 Vladimir Aleksandrovich Jurenec: Democritus in the light of new scientific research
95 V. Vaganian: A forced polemic
113 Michail Pokrowski: Fear of the fear of death and the production of religious meaning
125 Valerian Polianskii: Book on L.N. Tolstoy
134 Moses Hess: Letter to Berthold Auerbach about Karl Marx
136 David Ryazanov: How sometimes history is written
168 From A.K. Timiryazev's correspondence
180 Aleksandr Maksimov: On Albert Einstein's principle of relativity
209 V. Ter-Oganesian: A few thoughts on dialectics.
219 Yevgeni Preobrazhensky: Ridiculous worry
221 Materialist (Vaganian): Response to comrade Ye. Preobrazhensky
225 Ivan Luppol: S. Frank. Introduction to philosophy of .. interpretation
228 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Semion Yulevich Semkovsky's Marxist reader
229 V. Ter-Oganesian: Back to Ptolemy
230 P. Stuchka: Ja.M. Magaziner. General teachings about the state
235 Ja.Ja.-V.: Vyacheslav Polonsky. M.I. Bakunin
236 A. Mendelson: Julian Borchardt. K. Marx's Capital
238 G. Ar.: On Joseph (Giuseppe) Salvioli's books
241 Reply of editors

no. 11-12

5 Abram Deborin: Ludwig Feuerbach
43 N. Zvenigorodcev: Marx's teachings on concepts
61 Vladimir Jurenec: Edmund Husserl
83 I. (Skvortsov-)Stepanov: Fear of death against historical materialism
114 Boris Gorev: Elements of Babeufism and Fourierism in XIX and XXth century socialist ideas
118 Arkady Timiryazev: On occasion of the new works of Ernest Rutherford and I. Chadwick
123 Aleksandr Maksimov: More on popular-scientific literature on the principle of relativity
142 Karl Kautsky: Gold, Paper Currency and Commodity, text
164 W.E. Motylev: Standard of value at paper-currency circulation
171 Plechanovec (pseudonym): Reader's notes on comrade Bukharin's book Theory of historical materialism
184 S. Mimin: Communism and philosophy
199 Vladimir Viktorovich Adoratsky: On ideology
210 V. Rumij (Vaganian): A-B-C
243 Materialist (Vaganian): On state propaganda of materialism
244 Historian: On the world congress of historians
245 Grigory Bammel (Bazhbeuk-Melikov): Karl Forlender. Popular history of philosophy
252 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Helvetius. The true meaning of the system of nature
254 L.I.: Helvetius. Dieu - La Nature - L'Homme
255 Boris Gorev: I. Borichevsky. Introduction to the philosophy of science
256 Reader: F. Engels: Ludwig Feuerbach
257 R.V.: Leo Deutsch: G.V. Plekhanov
258 V.V.(Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. Russian workers in the revolutionary movement
259 Stefan Krivtsov: A.K.Timiryazev. Historical method in biology
262 W.E. Motylev: Sergei I. Solntsev. Introduction to political economy



5 Abram Deborin: Ludwig Feuerbach
41 Konstantin Kornilov: Modern psychology and marxism
51 F. Engels and K. Kautsky: Juridical Socialism
72 Max Planck: New difficulties of physical theory
83 Arnošt Kolman: Attack on materialism, text (in Russian)
101 Aleksandr Maksimov: Contemporary situation of the discussion on the principle of relativity in Germany
120 Vladimir Friche: Practice of the sociology of artistic style
132 V.Vaganian: Art and the people
142 Michail Pokrowski: Reply to comrade Stepanov
160 P. Stuchka: A materialist or idealist concept of law? text
179 Yuri Steklov: How sometimes recall happens
186 David Ryazanov: Reply to comrade Steklov
189 V. Ter-Oganesian: On serious questions
190 Materialist (Vaganian): On the academy of sciences of the RSFSR
192 Expecters: We are everywhere
196 Greetings journal 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma'
197 To the question about the publication of the complete Collected Works of Marx and Engels
203 V. Rumij (Vaganian): On provincial journals (review)
207 Grigory Bammel: F. Kukljarsky. Critique of creative consciousness
210 Ivan Luppol: S. Wolfson. Dialectical materialism
214 V.V. (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov: Essays on the history of materialism
218 New on L. Feuerbach
218V.V-Jan (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. Art. Collection of articles
220 V.S.: Lenin. State and revolution
222 V. Rumij: Fr. Engels. Origin of the family
222 V.V. (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. Our Differences
223 B. Vvedenskij: Yakov Frenkel. Structure of matter
224 M. Pavlovich: Manabendra Roy. New India
226 V.V-Jan.: M. Zhakov. Reference book on Marxist self-education

no. 2-3

5 David Ryazanov: Introductory remarks to articles of Marx and engels
10 F. Engels: Karl Marx's Funeral
21 F. Engels: Marx and the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (1848-49)
29 K. Marx and F. Engels: The Trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung
45 K. Marx: The Deeds of the Hohenzollern Dynasty, text
48 F. Engels: On Karl Marx's Critique of Political Economy
58 K. Marx: Letter to Kugelmann about Lassalle
63 F. Mehring: Marx and the Young Hegelians
68 Isaak Petrovich Razumovskij: Concept of right in Marx and Engels
98 Arkady Timiryazev: Theory of quantum and modern physics
121 Max Planck: Beginning and gradual development of the theory of quantum
133 V. I. Nevsky: Contemporary natural science and the materialism of Marx and Engels
153 V.Vaganian: G.V. Plekhanov. From populism to marxism
192 I. Stepanov: Death of the fear of death, the result of my polemic with comrade Pokrowski
202 Michail N. Pokrowski: History of religion in the Kholops movement
218 Materialist (Vaganian): Cowardly opportunism of a future professor
223 Nikolay Afanasyevich Karev: On the roads of marxist philosophy studies
226 E. Kobel: On the institute of K. Marx and Fr. Engels
232 Evgeni Livovich Granovsky: Towards positing the distribution-problem in Marx
241 R.V.: K. Marx – Thought, person, revolutionary
241 R.V.: K. Marx. Collection of articles
242 S.B.: Alexander Yul'evich Finn-Enotaevsky/ Karl Marx and recent socialism
243 Stefan Krivtsov: Towards K. Marx's bibliography
247 Periodical publication on the jubilee of Marx
250 V.V. (Vaganian): Boris Gorev. First Russian marxist - G.V. Plekhanov
251 V.V-Jan (Vaganian): I Congress of the Party. II Congress of the Party. III Congress of the Party. IV unification congress of the party. V Congress (London)
253 S. Sirvin: Sarab'janov. Historical materialism.
255 Ivan Luppol: Vera Zasulich. J.-J. Rousseau
257 N. Popov: Rozicyn. Primitive communism
259 Boris Gorev: Sources Saint-Simon's teachings
260 C. Fridljand (Tzvi Grigory Samoylovich): A.K. Dzivelegov. The revolutionary army and its leaders
263 Teodorcik : S.T. Konobeevsky. Structure of things

no. 4-5

5 David Ryazanov: Explanatory remarks to articles of Marx and Engels
9 F. Engels: Communism and K. Heinzen (Marx and Engels. Polemic with Karl Heinzen), text
21 K. Marx: Moralising criticism and critical morality (K. Marx and F. Engels. Polemic with Karl Heinzen), text
42 Abram Deborin: Introductory remarks to the articles of Diderot
44 Denis Diderot: Article from the encyclopedia: I. Epicurism
61 Vladimir Jurenec: Edmund Husserl
86 K. Kornilov: Modern psychology and marxism
115 Arkady Timiryazev: Dialectics in natural science
132 I.N. Stukov: Captive of relativism
140 Aleksandr Maksimov: Theory of relativity and materialism
157 M. Pavlovich: Lenin, as the demolisher of Narodnism
183 B. Seboldaev: Babeufism and workers in the Great French revolution
190 Michail Pokrowski: On the books of Lappo-Danilevsky's academy
197 Valerian Polianskii: On the 'leftist front' in art
210 Stefan Krivtsov: Vatslav Vatslavovich Vorovsky
222 V. I. Nevsky: L. Martov
229 E. Goldenberg: A few more words on socially-necessary labour
230 A. Mendelson: To the question about different versions in the interpretation of the concept of socially-necessary labour
245 V. Pozdnyakov: Formula of the simple reproduction scheme
248 N. Babakhan: On .. Leninism
257 Materialist (Vaganian): Reply to comrade N. Babakhan
268 V.V-Jan (Vaganian): National Question and the RCP
280 Grigory Bammel: Müller Freifels. Irrationalism.
283 V.V-Jan: Fr. Engels. Ludwig Feuerbach
284 V. Rumij (Vaganian): K. Diehl. Socialism, Communism, Anarchism
285 Israel Yakovlevich Vajnstein: Emmanuil Encmen, (and here). Theory of a new biology
293 Vladimir Ksenofontovich Semenchenko: On Stark's book
295 W. Motylev: I.I. Rubin. Essays on Marx's theory of value
296 L.I.: Alexander Efremin. Methodological help in political literacy
298 Valerian Polianskii: On the 75th year of the 1848 revolution
299 C. Fridljand: A. Simons. Class struggle in the history of America

no. 6-7

5 Michail Pokrowski: Plekhanov – Russian historian
19 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Plekhanov and Terror
37 Valerian Polianskii: Plekhanov on Tolstoy
45 Stefan Krivtsov: Plekhanov as sociologist
59 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov and V. G. Belinsky
77 G. V. Plekhanov: Passage from letter to Lenin
77 G. V. Plekhanov: Passage from 1891 letter to V. Zasulich
78 David Ryazanov: Introductory remarks to Plekhanov's lecture at the Brussels Congress
79 G. V. Plekhanov: Plekhanov's lecture at the Brussels Congress
89 G. V. Plekhanov: Letter to editors of 'Mouvement Socialiste' about the Russo–Japanese War
95 G. V. Plekhanov: Speech and remarks at the II congress of the league of Russian revolutionary social-democrats
105 N. Lenin: Articles and news satire
109 G. V. Plekhanov: Three letters to A.N. Gorki
112 Vladimir Friche: Lavrov and pure art
121 Boris Gorev: Lavrov and utopian socialism
132 Denis Diderot: Article from the encyclopedia: II. Hobbes' philosophy
159 Denis Diderot: Article from the encyclopedia: III. Spinoza
182 Grigory Bammel: Sources of Democritus' teachings, I.
207 Aleksandr Ignatjevich (Sandor) Varjas: Formal and dialectical logic
228 Arkady Timiryazev: A few remarks on the occasion of comrade Kolman's attack on materialism
242 W. Motylev: About the grave of the consumers' version
249 I.N. Stukov: What is the crux of my objection about
254 Boris Gorev: On the question about revolutionary tactics Plekhanov
256 R.V.: A few remarks on comrade Gorev's response
257 Collected Works of K. Marx and Fr. Engels
259 Stefan Krivtsov: V.Vaganian. Attempted bibliography of G.V. Plekhanov
263 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov's The Development of the Monist View of History
267 V.Vaganian: Addition to the attempted bibliography of G.V. Plekhanov
270 Grigory Bammel: V.N. Ivanovsky. Methodological introduction into science and philosophy
272 Ivan Luppol: S. Wolfson. Dialectial materialism, 3rd part
277 Ivan Luppol: Paul Lafargue. Determinism
281 C. Fridljand: Marat. Letters.
285 I. Ivanov: Anna Ryazanova (Riaznova): Women's labour
288 Vladimir Vilensky: Pavlovich. Imperialism
289 N. L-R: V. Astrov. Economists – forerunners of the mensheviks

no. 8-9

5 Abram Deborin: Marx and Hegel.
21 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov. II. Plekhanov and the Emancipation of Labour group
53 Ivan Luppol: Philosophical essays of D. Diderot
97 N. Karev: Henricus Regius - 17th century materialist
120 Grigory Bammel: Sources of Democritus' teachings. Article II.
145 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Reply to one of the talmudists
161 Yaroslav Przheborovsky : Natural science and dialectics
166 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos Eddington's article
169 Arthur Eddington: The interior of a star.
187 Ark. A-N: Pages from the propaganda and work of Robert Owen
210 Stefan Krivtsov: A. Bebel
219 Aleksandr Neusychin : Max Weber's sociological analysis of the city
252 A. Mendelson: Means of circulation and capital
268 A. Udaltsov: On the theory of social classes
276 N.K.: Sophia: Problems of spiritual culture and religious philosophy. Nikolai Berdyaev. The Meaning of History
281 C. Fridljand: Annals, t. I, II, III
285 Materialist (Vaganian): N. Lenin and G. Plekhanov. Against A. Bogdanov.; G. V. Plekhanov. three articles against Bogdanov
287 L.I.: Reader on French 18th century materialism
289 Vl. Semenchenko: Classics of natural science, ..4, 5, 7 and 8
297 S.V.: New ideas in physics, .. 8
300 C. Fridljand: F. Engels. Power and economy at the formation of the German empire
302 Naum Lenzner: Rosa Luxemburg. Coalition politics or class struggle?


5 Abram Deborin: Marx and Hegel. (continuation)
18 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov. III. Socialism and the Political Struggle
49 Ivan Luppol: Philosophical essays of D. Diderot, chapter III and IV
87 N. Karev: Noblemen's philosophy in our time
97 Arkady Timiryazev: First decade of Niels Bohr's theory of the structure of the atom
101 Niels Bohr: Structure of the atom
134 Yaroslav Przheborovsky: Natural science and dialectics
143 M. Pavlovich: Lenin and esery (S.R.; Socialist Revolutionary Party)
163 Ark. A-N.: Realist elements in the Robert Owen's views
196 C. Fridljand: Henri de Saint-Simon
227 Valerian Polianskii: Mechanists' works and critical literature
242 Boris Gorev: Some problems of the marxist theory of classes
247 V. N. Ivanovsky: Reply to comrade Bammel
249 Grigory Bammel: A few responding remarks
252 V.Vaganian: Die Neue Zeit
255 V.Vaganian: t.II collected works of V.I. Lenin
255 V.Vaganian: Letter to the Editors
257 A. Ja. Troitsky: Marxism and ethics
258 Stefan Krivtsov: Max Adler. Marxism, as proletarian world view
260 Ivan Orlov, more here: Émile Borel. Randomness
264 Vladimir Semenchenko: Niels Bohr. Three articles on the spectra and structure of the atom
265 Materialist: L.M. Klejnbort. Nikolai Ivanovich Sieber (Ziber)
268 V.V-Jan (Vaganian): G. V. Plekhanov. Essays on the history of Russian social thought in the 19th century
271 L.I.: Henriette Roland Holst. J.-J. Rousseau
273 N. Lenzner: Rosa Luxemburg. Letters to Karl and Luise Kautsky

no. 11-12

5 David Ryazanov: Introductory remarks to G.V. Plekhanov's letters
13 G. V. Plekhanov: Letter to Fr. Engels
28 G. V. Plekhanov: Letter to Richard Fischer
31 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov. III. Socialism and the Political Struggle, part a, proletariat's hegemony in the bourgeois revolution
46 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov. III. Socialism and the Political Struggle, part b, proletariat and the liberal bourgeoisie
66 V.Vaganian: G. V. Plekhanov. III. Socialism and the Political Struggle, part c, proletariat and the peasantry
80 Abram Deborin: Holbach (for the 200th year of his birth)
93 Holbach: The System of Nature, chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9
133 Grigory Bammel: Democritus. III. On the question of Democritus' life and personality
158 Bernard E. Bichovsky : On the methodological foundations of Freud's psychoanalytic teachings
178 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos Ernest Rutherford's lecture
180 Ernest Rutherford: Electrical structure of matter
204 V. I. Nevsky: Marxism and natural science
213 Ivan Orlov: ‘Pure geometry’ and real conditions
220 Vladimir Sergeyev: Air assault in the era of the civil war in ancient Rome
245 P. Mesjacev: Russian economists in foreign countries
252 N. K. Kovalevsky: On the problem of socially-necessary labour time
277 I. Razumovskij: Our 'zamvridplekhanovy'
282 V. Rumij (Vaganian): Reply to a reply
287 L.I.: New book about historical materialism
292 I. L-L: E.A. Engel. Studies in materialist sociology
294 N. Karev: Alexander Schrader. Studies in the philosophy of Populism, (Berlin, 1923)
299 A. Ja. Troitsky: Vasily Yakovlevich Struminsky . Psychology
304 Reader: G.V. Plekhanov. From idealism to materialism
305 Valerian Polianskii: V. V. Vorovsky. Literary studies
307 P.V.: M. S. Grigoriev . Introduction to poetics
309 Vladimir Semenchenko: Darwin. Uprise.
312 Ivan Orlov: W. Ostwald. The Great Elixir
314 V.V. (Vaganian): G.V. Plekhanov. Russian workers in the revolutionary movement. (From personal memory)
315 Reader: Bulletin V.I. Lenin Institute
315 C.Fridljand: Viacheslav P. Volgin. Essays on the history of socialism. B.I. Gorev. History of socialism
320 N. Lenzner: V. Fridljand and A. Slutsky. Reader on the history of the revolutionary movement of Western Europe
323 Keller: L. Ljubimov. Course political economy
329 Second volume of the collected works of K. Marx and Fr. Engels


Noa Rodman
Aug 26 2010 01:18

The bibliography for 1923 should be appearing now.

Btw, Sholom Dvolajski was the Russian translator of Luxemburg's Accumulation and her Anti-Critique. His presentation and review of Rosa Luxemburg's theory is in the 1921, no.1 issue of Krasnaja nov, available in Russian at http://www.ruthenia.ru/sovlit/j/8.html

The google translation site really does a fine job (necessary of course also for the many links to Russian sites put up here).

mikail firtinaci
Aug 26 2010 03:41

Noa; I think there is a problem in the site that you gave the link of? Thanks again for this interesting bibliography by the way!

Noa Rodman
Aug 26 2010 12:22

Hmm, that link seems to be working fine. It's a very good exposition of Luxemburg's theory and his (friendly) criticisms at the end are very interesting; Dvolajski mentions consumer debt, but also the role of the state (I don't know much about economic history, but this is published in the beginning of 1921, before Keynes and Kalecki):

Another powerful factor contributing to the accumulation, is a capitalist state. As an organization of class domination, it is continuously perpetuates and reproduces the capitalist reproduction ratio. This is primarily achieved through violent means of political oppression, with the help of the bureaucracy, army, police, prisons, etc. The bourgeois state, coupled with the church, moreover, deals with more processed proletarian goals. But, speaking as a universal socio-economic organization of the bourgeoisie capitalist state takes on some functions of an industrial nature: it organizes mail and telegraph, paving the new railways, irrigate arid area, digging canals, building a harbor, etc. etc. In other words, the bourgeois state, not only feeds the millions of unproductive bureaucracy, but is engaged and accumulation in the economic sense of the word. Which way the state gets to do that "values" or the corresponding material elements? It gets them in the form of taxes, which are compiled primarily from the surplus value. Thus, capitalism with a state-face becomes very large "consumer", which assigns a part of the social product and thereby

page 99

frees capitalists from unpleasant searches for buyers, though some parts will not be amenable to selling of surplus value.

mikail firtinaci
Aug 26 2010 16:07

When I click the link something like this is appearing;

ñòð. 88

Ø. Äâîëàéöêèé.



Èìïåðèàëèçì â åãî ñîâðåìåííîé ôîðìóëèðîâêå - ÿâëåíèå ñðàâíèòåëüíî íîâîå. Ïðîøëî íå áîëåå ÷åòâåðòè âåêà ñ òåõ ïîð, êàê îí âî âñåîðóæèè âûñòóïèë íà ìèðîâîé àðåíå. Ïîýòîìó, âïîëíå åñòåñòâåííî, òåîðåòè÷åñêèé àíàëèç èìïåðèàëèçìà íå ìîã áûòü äà

Can you post the article to the libcom archive if it won't be a trouble for you? Russian is ok too.

Felix Frost
Aug 26 2010 16:58

You have to set your browser character encoding to cyrillic when viewing the site.

Noa Rodman
Aug 26 2010 19:49

I'm putting it in the library.

Another article from Dvolaitski deals with the 1920-21 world crisis; online at http://www.ruthenia.ru/sovlit/j/185.html , it's from Red Virgin Soil, 1922, no. 1

Staying with the economists that were involved in the debates with I.I. Rubin throughout the 20s, there is V. Motylev, about which I found absolutely nothing, except an article from Red Virgin Soil, 1922, no. 4, where he responds to Brutskus's article 'Problems of national economy under the socialist system'

online at http://www.ruthenia.ru/sovlit/j/319.html

Noa Rodman
Aug 31 2010 17:44

That soviet literature site lists many of the journals of the 1920s. They put an article online from Red Virgin Soil, 1921, no. 2 on the history of the Makhnovchina by Ja. Jakovlev titled 'Makhnovchina and anarchism'.
(better format at: http://knigo.com/revolt/yakoy001.htm )

That Sovlit site has a project of putting online Krasnaya nov'; just browsing through, there are articles from Preobrazhensky, Pyatakov, Pashukanis, Platonov (that's just a few under the letter 'p'), Sarabjanov, Radek, Sapozhnikov, and many others of which I'm ignorant, but from their names I recognize that they also published often in 'Under the banner of marxism'. .


I will put the translated tables of content for the first two years of the Krasnaya nov' journal in the libcom library, and link the titles to the texts which are all online (1921-1922). The articles look more interesting. The total size of these issues is about 3300 pages. Translation of the index of the PZM-journal is on hold indefinitely.