Another win for Brighton hospitality workers

These workers stood up to their exploitative boss and you won't believe what happened next.

A short documentary film about a 2014 campaign backed by Brighton Solidarity Federation against cafes, restaurants, hotels and other aspects of the hospitality sector that don't pay their workers properly.


Chilli Sauce
Aug 12 2014 11:41


Aug 12 2014 12:22

Three cheers. And love the fact someone was wearing a NY Yankees cap

Chilli Sauce
Aug 12 2014 12:25

Mets, syndicalist, the Mets. It's too easy to be a Yankees fan. wink

Aug 12 2014 12:40

Oh, the Nets say you? Anyway, great win

Aug 12 2014 16:46

Brilliant video - nice to see hard fought direct action winning! Well done all!

Aug 13 2014 08:20

With a little solidarity and persistence we workers can win! Good job. I hope more people see this and go to your upcoming actions so that Brighton bosses will think twice about cheating and exploitation.

Aug 13 2014 08:22

Nice one

Aug 28 2014 10:56

Some relief for hospitality workers.

Aug 28 2014 14:08

Well done. Keep on keeping on!