Anti-fascists call for boycott of neo-Nazi linked vegan cake shop

Italian neo-Nazis out drinking in Camden

Anti-fascists in London are calling for an active boycott of a vegan cake shop in Camden which they claim has links to a violent gang of Italian neo-Nazis.

Cupcake fascism is a term made up by smug middle-class liberals to define what they see as contemporary fascism emerging from twee things and post-imperial British nationalism, essentially a longing for a return to a past which never existed. It reached its apex with the hashtagged, superficial erasure of social problems by cunts with brooms that was #riotcleanup. Nobody using the term seemed to think there really was a link between cupcakes and actual fascism.

But there's a vegan cupcake shop in Camden which opened in August last year called Cakes’N’Treats, which anti-fascists in London are calling to be boycotted for links with a gang of violent Italian neo-Nazis. They don't want anybody (vegan or not) to spend money in there until they are happy links with the gang are broken. The gang are responsible for violent attacks in their native Italy and now stalking the streets of North London, causing trouble. London Anti-Fascists told us they are calling for an “active boycott of Cakes’N’Treats, until we are assured that the links between [owner] Kim K and the neo-Nazis are broken.”

Cakes'N'Treats vegan cake shop in Camden
Cakes'N'Treats vegan cake shop in Camden, North London.

It may not feel like it but the capital has a booming economy compared to those of stagnating European countries. This has led to large-scale migration of Europeans to the city with hundreds of thousands arriving over the past five years. Among those moving to the UK have been far-right nationalists of various nationalities. For example, the influx of Eastern European migrants has included Polish fascists Zjednoczeni Emigranci and Hungarian Jobbik supporters. London has also been host to whole range of Italian fascists in the past, from your regular bonehead to investment bankers and state-backed terrorists. The latest Italian to turn up in London with nationalist tendencies is a guy called David. He works in the shop, serving customers vegan cupcakes.

An investigation by London Anti-Fascists claims David is a neo-Nazi sympathiser and reveals he is drinking buddies with a dangerous gang of violent Italian neo-Nazis. Back in their native Italy these neo-Nazis regularly attend concerts organised by the secretive neo-Nazi music network Blood & Honour and they have been responsible for a string of vicious attacks against left-wingers.

Bonehead Elia Rizzo displays his skin-crawling tattoo.
Bonehead Elia Rizzo displays his skin-crawling tattoo.

A leading member of the group is Elia Rizzo (pictured above) who has a Nazi 'SS' drawn on his chest. Rizzo has visited London twice in the past two years and on both occasions David has gone out drinking with him. In one photograph posted on Facebook from November 2013 David can be seen posing with Rizzo with both of them wearing fascist t-shirts – in other pictures David can be seen posing happily with other known neo-Nazis.

Rizzo and David out drinking in London, Rizzo is wearing a Blood & Honour t-shirt, David is wearing a t-shirt with a fascio rune made by a fascist label.
Rizzo and David out drinking in London, Rizzo is wearing a Blood & Honour t-shirt, David is wearing a t-shirt with a fascio rune made by a fascist label.

The group Rizzo and others are part of is called “Pavia Skins” after the posh little university town of Pavia in the Lombardy area of Italy. They hold Blood & Honour gigs where neo-Nazi bands from across Europe play to groups of boneheads who make Nazi salutes while throwing themselves around. Other activities have included visiting World War II cemeteries and memorials, such as the German one at Futa Pass, to pose with banners supposedly paying their respects to the soldiers who died defending Hitler’s Third Reich.

Italian neo-Nazis, including the Pavia Skins, at Futa Pass.
Italian neo-Nazis, including the Pavia Skins, at Futa Pass.

Another bonehead who was part of the group and regularly goes drinking with David is fascist tattooist Luca Scuro. Like David, Scuro has migrated to the UK, working at Hellcats Tattoo Parlour in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Back in his native Italy, Scuro was fined for taking part in a violent assault on a group of young left-wingers, leaving one of them with a fractured septum.

David and Luca Scuro on a night out in Camden.
David and Luca Scuro on a night out in Camden.

Scuro's brother, another of David's occasional fascist drinking buddies, Luigi, has also come into contact with the Italian justice system. Getting into trouble after threatening a left-winger with a knife. If you're wondering what motivates the Scuro brothers to engage in violent attacks on the left, Luigi has a tattoo of Mussolini on his back (see below).

Luigi Scuro’s tattoos include a drawing of Italian fascist dictator Mussolini’s face.
Luigi Scuro’s tattoos include a drawing of fascist dictator Mussolini’s face.

Cakes’N’Treats is owned by 30-year-old Camden resident Kim K – who also happens to be David’s girlfriend. Originally from Germany, Kim migrated to London after being supposedly outed as having links to Italian neo-Nazis by German anti-fascists on activist website Indymedia. At the time the links looked like they could be a bit tenuous as all Kim had done was befriend a group of neo-Nazis on Facebook after attending an Oi! Gig in London.

Kim and David sharing a moment.
Kim and David sharing a moment.

The revelations caused what Kim described as a “shitstorm” of “massive proportions”. She released a statement explaining that she was an anti-fascist, had accepted the friend requests to her personal profile (she has a public profile with thousands of followers) without properly checking they weren't neo-Nazis. One of them might have done her boyfriend’s tattoos but having a saying associated with the Italian far-right as a tattoo (Nessun Rimorso) as well as flags of various European countries doesn't mean David was a nationalist, he was just a skinhead who likes Oi!, isn't politically active and doesn't really like the far-right.

In her statement Kim explained that when she’d met members of the gang at the gig in London they had been very interested in animal rights. This shouldn't be too surprising, rumours claim Hitler was a vegetarian and neo-Nazis across Europe have been making efforts to infiltrate animal rights groups to gain legitimacy. In the UK the neo-Nazi kids from youth group National Action have recently been trying to get involved with the anti-badger cull campaign. While last year an international animal rights gathering in Belgium was disrupted after the presence of fascists was revealed by French anti-fascists.

 Elia Ciccio Cristiano, Elia Rizzo, David, Alessandro Graria, and Luca Scuro.
Italian neo-Nazis waiting for a London bus. From left to right: Elia Ciccio Cristiano, Elia Rizzo, David, Alessandro Graria, and Luca Scuro.

Now it looks like Kim's broken all contact with the neo-Nazi gang she was connected to by anti-fascists back in 2012. She doesn't appear in any of their recent Facebook photos and we've not seen any videos of her at gigs where Nazi salutes are being thrown since 2012. But we found this Nazi selfie on Rizzo’s facebook page from a trip to London in June this year. It’s him on the left and David’s at the back. Is this Kim on the right?

 David appears triumphant behind neo-Nazis Elia Rizzo and Elia Cicccio Cristiano. But is this Kim on the right?
Nazi selfie: David appears triumphant behind neo-Nazis Elia Rizzo and Elia Cicccio Cristiano. But is this Kim on the right?

London Anti-Fascists explained why they had been investigating the shop: “Camden is a mecca for all manner of sub-cultures which historically has included the neo-Nazi music scene. This still occurs, to a lesser extent, today and we were concerned that the place could again become a magnet again for their obviously neo-Nazi friends. We believe the presence of racists, organised or not, and those who associate with explicitly racist/white power music scenes, pose a direct threat to people of colour and those who take ideological opposition to racist and fascist ideas.

“Kim K has previously stated she is opposed to Nazi ideologies, but she still has no problem hanging out in Camden with known neo-Nazis,” they added. She might not be a neo-Nazi herself but her claims to be an anti-fascist are clearly bullshit.

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Jul 24 2014 21:17


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Jul 25 2014 13:04

As I've heard rumors it's nice to see a bit of an investigation into this. However;
Hitler. Was. Not. A. Fucking. Vegetarian. Get that propaganda bullshit straight, thanks.

Jul 25 2014 13:59

Hitler not a vegetarian and y'know what? #riotcleanup/'cunts with brooms' (instigated by a self-described anarchist from margate btw)...We wouldn't want horizontal self-organisation actually catching on with the public would we? Or does direct action only count if you can set fire to a wheely bin?

Other than that, thanks, I've mates in Camden, they'll appreciate the heads-up.

Jul 25 2014 15:27

Am not sure about this. Are we equally boycotting every workplace which happens to have neo-Nazi sympathisers working there? Are we preventing people with neo-Nazi beliefs from socialising by targeting their hangouts?

I am all for targeting anti-social behaviour, violence (be it domestic, political or public brawls), hate crime, denials of Holocaust, intimidation of immigrants & different cultures and of course racist or sexist slurs.

But I feel uneasy about targeting people (who admittedly hold dodgy beliefs about others) for simply going about their everyday life. Isn't that what fascists do?

Chilli Sauce
Jul 25 2014 16:03
Are we equally boycotting every workplace which happens to have neo-Nazi sympathisers working there?

It's not just working there, though. The owner appears to have neo-Nazi sympathies and that's a big difference.

That said, if a place had a policy of hiring fascists, I also think a boycott would be in order.

Jul 25 2014 23:13

Okay, I've seen this article spread over facebook today, in general London groups/pages, not just leftist ones. And while I'd usually be delighted to see libcom spread around a bit, this is a terrible article.
But is this Kim on the right?
I think we can be fairly certain that it's a blurry woman with blonde hair, two eyes, a mouth, and could be one of a million fucking people. As said before I'd like to see libcom -and libertarian communism, for that matter- reach a larger audience, but not when resorting to tabloid guessing games. If she's affiliated with fash, investigate properly. Not just the author, but London antifa who should be above knee-jerk shit.

To the author, I doubt you had bad intentions, but this is embarrassing at the least.

Jul 26 2014 01:04

if someone supports fascists it doesn't matter whether or not they personally have fascist ideas, actions matter more than what might or might not be inside someones head

Jul 26 2014 02:38

But I feel uneasy about targeting people (who admittedly hold dodgy beliefs about others) for simply going about their everyday life. Isn't that what fascists do?

Yes. Fascists do target people who are simply going about their daily life. Typically Jews, Muslims, "foreigners", women, disabled people, the LGBT. It's not just targeting these 'dodgy beliefs' which tend to end in genocides, fascism is fought for self-defence. I've got issues with this article but anti-fascism in general doesn't aim for a utopia where neo-nazis and the Untermensch put aside their differences and build a tolerant society where everyone's shit views are taken into account.

Noah Fence
Jul 26 2014 06:56

Is it just me or has anybody else spotted the seeming incongruousness of fascists and vegan cupcakes?!

Jul 26 2014 07:23

I was going to go to that vegan cake shop in Camden but not now!

Don Fugg
Jul 26 2014 09:28

Have been to this place before without being aware of this. Certainly won't be going again. Thanks LAF!

Jul 26 2014 11:02

anarchist police, great! this is shameful.

Jul 26 2014 11:23
potlatch wrote:
anarchist police, great! this is shameful.

you what?!

Jul 26 2014 12:05

This is a superficial and an inconsequent article. I mean, instead of spending your time "investigating" something to produce an article with so many flaws (that last photo sums up the ridiculousness of much of it), and specially since we are dealing with an issue with such importance, you could dedicate your time to produce something that really faces the fascist threat. And that is something that can hardly happen through arbitrary information, rumors or witch-hunts. I agree that sometimes there's the need to take coercive measures, since some of those guys physically threat people, but coercion shouldn't be the first option in every situation, much less in cases like this. There were so many things that could have been done to avoid this or at least to substantiate the article... To write something with so many flawed information and uncertainties, appealing to a boycott or even worse, and knowing that the article will be massively shared online, I'm sorry but, even if I don't doubt the good intentions of the author, for me it resembles more fascism than what I would like... And it's frustrating to see something like this published in libcom.

Jul 26 2014 12:03

And, btw, I don't have nothing against obtaining information about a place that could have some strange connections. I live in London and I went to that vegan cake shop before. Of course, now I feel unconfortable about going there and without further clarification I don't plan to visit the shop anymore. But this isn't about me. It's about something bigger and threatning. And that's the reason why this article bothered me.

Jul 26 2014 12:09

I'm not sure that that photo of the guy who works in the shop (and Kim's apparent partner) in a fascist t shirt arm in arm with a neo-nazi in a Blood and Honour t-shirt counts as "arbitrary information, rumors or witch-hunts."

Jul 26 2014 12:19

Instead of searching for what counts as this or that, read the article as a whole and think if in the end you are confortable with all the conclusions and steps taken to get there. It's unnecessary to say that a lot of information seems undeniably true. I would say even more: all the information that is in the article could be true. That doesn't prove that the girl is a neo-nazi. Maybe it tells me that she is a very dumb girl, with even more stupid friends, but not a neo-nazi. But worse than that is that an article as superficial as this is published ignoring the consequences it could have. And, even worse!, thinking that it is a great contribution to the fight against fascism.

Caiman del Barrio
Jul 26 2014 12:24

To be honest, being in a relationship with an active fascist means you're complicit with fascism and therefore merit online exposure.

Jul 26 2014 12:54

Did I or anyone else claim this was a great contribution to the fight against fascism?

I'm vegan, I like cake. call me an old stick in the mud, but on the whole I'd rather not buy one from a fascist. I'm not claiming this is a stance akin to cable street FFS.

Some of the reactions I've seen to this issue remind me why on the whole I stay away from many vegans and can't stand animal rights activists.

Jul 26 2014 13:16

Oh boy... This article could be about a butcher's shop. My point doesn't have anything to do about being vegan or not, or about from whom it's better to buy something. In fact, I wrote above that I don't plan to visit the shop again - and I suppose you understood that it's not beucase they look bad in the photos - even if that's unimportant for the matter. So, it's also irrelevant to state that I'm not an "animal rights activist", but anyway... What worries me, besides the extreme superficiality of this article, is the easiness with which this kind of "methods" are used, not only because they evoke some practices that anarchists or libertarians should be familiar with (do I offend someone if I use the word "police" again?), and not only because of being authoritarian, but mainly because they are ridiculously unproductive for that thing that concerns us here: fighting fascism. Either people think of it as a great contribution (irony, you know?) or a small contribution. I'm out.

Jul 26 2014 13:29

And I'm out because I'm afraid that if I keep insisting on what seems obvious, It won't take long to appear someone who will choose the same manicheist and easy way to accuse me of defending fascists or even defending fascism.

Jul 26 2014 13:51
potlatch wrote:
And, even worse!, thinking that it is a great contribution to the fight against fascism.

I don't think anyone in particular is thinking that this is "a great fight against fascism". In fact, it's small things like this that prevent the need in the long run for a "great battle". It's putting the warning out there that even a cursory affiliation with fascists will not be tolerated, because fascist ideology and actions are dangerous, demonstrated in the article above, pointing out the violent instances her alleged friends have been in. If one vegan bakery has to suffer - and as a vegan myself I know the pure, unadulterated joy to be found in a croissant without butter - then so be it. People are saying that this boycott is just as fascist as the ideology it's fighting against. It's a ridiculous pacifist notion. You cannot compare refusing to buy a vegan fruitcake to fascism. I can't find the quote for the life of me, so I could be wrong on this, but didn't Hitler himself say that he could've been stopped if the left were quicker to oppose him street level?

Saying all this, the article could be written a lot better of course, and you're right, that could be anyone in that photo. I can't quite see what has changed since the proprietor moved to London - that bit does seem a bit tenuous. Even so, I'd say it's not just about boycotting a business, but making known to people in North London that there is a fascist - her boyfriend* - who has been involved in politically motivated violence in the past, in their part of the world. In that regard, it's useful.

tigersiskillers wrote:
Some of the reactions I've seen to this issue remind me why on the whole I stay away from many vegans and can't stand animal rights activists.

I read one comment on the Facebook page which went something along the lines of, "It's a conspiracy against veganism!"

Christ almighty.

*Sorry, but wearing a fash t-shirt and hanging around with people with Mussolini tattoos, as well as having questionable tattoos himself kind of says to me, "I think this guy might lean to the right".

Jul 26 2014 14:04

Standfield, thank you for your sensible comment. The thing is that your comment shows a prudence that the article doesn't have at all. And since it makes much bigger claims, that's bad. I agree with you in most of your points. And I agree that often are the "small things" that prevent the need in the long run for a "great battle". But, precisely because they are "small things", we should be more careful and rigorous. We should think more about the consequences of what we do and about the way we do it. And this is not just a simply moralist shit...
I'm far from a pacifist, though, and there's not any pacifist notion underlying my position. In fact, that's the main reason why I tend to get worried about stuff like this... Recognising the shortcomings of pacifism doens't imply thinking that "eveyrhing goes", that any violent act is legitimate or to accept a dubious accusation just because it's made against our enemies. But this needs a much longer discussion.

Noah Fence
Jul 26 2014 14:28
I stay away from many vegans and can't stand animal rights activists

That's quite a sweeping statement there - care to explain it?

I do get why people would want to boycott this shop and I very much doubt I'll be shopping there myself but isn't this just another form of ethical shopping? I shop in Tescos quite a lot and I would imagine they do a lot more harm than some meat headed nutjob, but I won't be boycotting them anytime soon. Maybe I'm missing the point?

Chilli Sauce
Jul 26 2014 14:56

Potlatch, what "coercion" are you talking about?

Webby, fair point, although I'd say it's probably a matter of both scale and intensity.

All capitalist activity is harmful, full stop. However, if Tesco pursued an overtly fascist - as opposed to just neo-liberal - agenda, they'd be be lot more destructive. Add to that Tesco's massive size and scope and I don't think anti-fascists calling for a boycott would be very effective.

On the other hand, this is one shop that, no doubt, gets a lot of it's foot traffic from generally lefty/liberal vegan types - meaning, in this case, that a quick short boycott could potentially actually be an effective tactic.

Jul 26 2014 14:57

David works there.

We don't want fascists in Camden.

Jul 26 2014 16:33

Webby - yes, it's a sweeping statement, but it's kind of how I feel, and as it's a personal rather than political position I don't really feel the need to be too nuanced wink

Basically I don't like the moralising that goes on, or the single minded focus that leads to statements like:

"shame on any of you who would do this to a vegan business, animals are the ones being murdered in their billions the world over, human problems like political differences are a lot less in comparison."

which is a comment on the fascist cake shop's FB page at the moment.

I've been vegan for over 20 years myself, and do have some vegan friends, I just prefer to stay away from the self consciously campaigning vegan scene.

But issues around veganism are a bit of a derail: just quickly on the other issue, I think there's a difference between trying to ethically shop your way out of capitalism and raising awareness of a fascist run (or at least complicit) business.

Noah Fence
Jul 26 2014 19:18

Thanks for the reply. I still think that it's a bit of a broad comment but hey, as a 20 year veteran I reckon you've a lot more experience of vegans than me, so fair doos.
As for the comment on Facebook - fucking hell, like I needed yet another reason to avoid it!!! That is just the sort of dumb shit I would expect to find on it. I can't go near FB without trolling so I just avoid it.
On the broader point of animal abuse, I do think there are some valuable parallels to draw with the abuse of humans by capital but I know that that idea is a pretty unpopular one on Libcom and it's not one I'm going to press. I will just say though that to reject an idea out of hand because a lot of its proponents are single issue life stylist wankers can demonstrate a depressingly narrow minded attitude.

Jul 26 2014 21:00

As a vegan myself I was quite shocked about this investigation. Seems there have been some rumours going on, but this "investigation" is so poor, it is embarassing for antifascists.
This method to publish a posting ,without contacting the people it is about ,is disgusting and I am quite surprised that no one questions if all what is written above is true.

Who are those victims? Do they really exist? Who knows who was attacked and who was the one who attacked? Seems like you guys take it seriously just because it is written black on white.
Is this really true or are these lies to create that story and to have a reason to post it?

And how old are those pictures? No one knows.

Lets face what we have: There is that girl who runs a shop. She has a friend who has friends who are right side. New method: don´t blame the nazi, blame the friends of the friends ( where is the proof that they are good friends,) and destroy their business.

Interesting direct action...

Jul 27 2014 00:07

How can you know?

If so he would have told us about their answer - or that they refused to answer.
Or whatever.
But the author wrote nothing.

Did he write an email?
Went to the shop? Or did he call these people?

I really do start to question the truth in this story.

Jul 27 2014 00:19

I really dont like fascists. I am antifascist and i like to use my brain.
and that this dave guy was around with some
of these scumbags is obvious. But am I really the only one who is interested to see a proof that all the claims are true? That these violent attacks happened?
This "investigation" has not even the niveau of an "the sun" article!