Caroline Lucas: Green scab

Caroline Lucas: scab

Caroline Lucas (aka St Caroline), Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, today proudly tweeted she had scabbed on the Brighton refuse workers' strike despite her earlier claims of support.

Binmen and street sweepers in the GMB union voted 96% in favour of industrial action against pay cuts of up to £4000 each per year.

In the offending tweet, she actually re-tweeted a post congratulating her for scabbing:

One Brighton council worker stated "She is worse than Mick Philpotts, Charlie Brooker and people who refer to Gordon Brown as an unelected prime minister." A statement on 'community clean-ups' from the striking binmen is available here.

Please note: Labour supporters have been circulating this article. We should point out they are no better, and were actively breaking strikes even in the famous 1945-51 government. Brighton Labour condemned the Cityclean strikers and urged a return to work.

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Jun 17 2013 21:40


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Jun 18 2013 06:24

Please show your support for Brighton's workers by signing and sharing:

Joseph Kay
Jun 18 2013 08:12

i've just edited in a link to the strikers' statement on community clean-ups, which was published shortly before Caroline Lucas' litter-picking came to light:

Jun 20 2013 13:41

Here's Caroline Lucas response. Just told her i was unfollowing her on twitter for strike breaking and she sent me this: saying that if i thought it was strike breaking she wouldn't miss me sad

I sent her back the statement from the strikers. No response.

Jun 20 2013 16:19

What a bullshit statement from her.

"I have joined workers on the picket line ... I joined a small group of residents to help bag up some of the nappies and broken glass on their street."

Jun 20 2013 18:53

Did she ever walk around picking up rubbish from the street when there wasn't a strike on? My guess would be definitely not. A blatant fucking scab.

Jul 15 2013 21:02

At the height of the Arab Spring Sarah Lucas came tyo Huddersfield and spoke to a meeting of about a 100 people. She spent most of her speech complaining about the length of time it takes to get things done through Parliament and then complained when some of us pointed to the Arab way of doing things. When we raised the call for a general strike all she could say was that such action would be unpopular because it would 'inconvenience' people to which someone shouted out "then educate them", meaning that we would have to argue why a general strike and direct action would be necesserry; quire rightly.
Here she pinned her liberal and craven colours to the mast. She has bought into the system and whilst she will moan platitudes against austerity she will also in her own liberal way oppose any concrete action to seriously oppose the government.
This mirrors the experience of the Green councillors in Huddersfield who will pass resolution against austerity in the Council chamber but refuse to mobilise for strikes or demonstrations. They are establishment politicians through and through and value their positions that the system allows them to have above all else.

Jul 15 2013 23:03

Do you mean Caroline Lucas?

Jul 19 2013 16:14

OOooooooops yes. Soz.

Jul 19 2013 20:23

What happened in this dispute? Did the refuse workers win?

Joseph Kay
Jul 20 2013 06:42

They're voting on the proposals at the moment. They're apparently very complex, affect every individual differently, and have split the vote 50-50 (according to the local paper). Which sounds ominous.

Jul 22 2013 20:35

Thats a good initiative been on the picket lines and helping residents deal with waste.

Mar 30 2014 21:21

Sorry for the necro, but what's the Charlie Brooker complaint in reference to? Black Mirror?

Mar 30 2014 21:55
gamerunknown wrote:
Sorry for the necro, but what's the Charlie Brooker complaint in reference to? Black Mirror?

he just doesn't like Charlie Brooker (I do, BTW)

Jul 3 2014 19:13