Glasgow: Social care workers win strike

pic: Duncan Brown

Social Care workers who struck for twenty consecutive days in Glasgow returned to work last week having won most of their demands.

The deal will mean most staff move up one grade, "role profile" five to six by August 2008. Around 600 workers were on strike, with support from workers in other sections of the council, all of which were regraded following the "single status" review.

The will extend to nearly all workers at the council apart from sixteen new starters who are excluded from the main deal, however they will also get an immediate wage increase of between between £1,000 and £2,400 immediately.

As reported by libcom earlier this month all-out strike action was provoked by Glasgow City Council attempting to gain an injunction against the social care workers' initial plans to "work to rule". Workers rejected an earlier pay offer at a mass meeting during the course of the strike.

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Mike Harman
Aug 20 2007 07:01


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