UK: Workers at Royal Mail contractors Romec strike

UK: Workers at Royal Mail contractors Romec strike

Following an overwhelming 12 to 1 yes vote for industrial action, engineers and admin workers are Romec are due to strike today over a sub-inflation pay offer.

A 24 hour strike is scheduled 6am Friday 31 August 2007 until 6 am Saturday 1st September 2007 for all Romec Engineers and Admin grades.

The CWU stated that union negotiators held a meeting with management on Tuesday 21st August 2007; but were unable to make any clear progress.

The CWU website had this announcement:
Romec stated that we would have to make significant progress on the strings attached to the previous offer if they were to make an improved offer. If no movement could be made on the strings then the original offer of 2.5 % is all that is currently available. They also indicated it would be their intention to continue with the introduction of the GPS navigation system by executive action within the next fortnight.
Peter Donaghy, Acting Assistant Secretary stated
“Even though our members overwhelmingly agreed to take part in industrial action we were determined to negotiate a final agreement that met with our members aspirations without resorting to taking any forms of industrial action. However, the business declined to make any improvements on their original offer and in-fact are moving ahead with executive action for the GPS Navigational System. Therefore we have no alternate but to endorse industrial action for next Friday.”

He continued “We will be more than happy to meet with National Management at any time to try and resolve the out standing issues but we are not prepared to accept a below inflation pay deal for a set of historical strings that could and would be dealt with at a later stage. We would like to thank our members for their continued support and we will continue to communicate with our members at the earliest opportunity.”

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