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Nov 4 2010 11:58

Out of interest how much does libcom cost to run a year?

Dec 24 2010 20:06
gypsytimetraveller wrote:
Out of interest how much does libcom cost to run a year?

Ya, I'd like to know this one as well.

Dec 24 2010 20:18

It works out about £110 per month at present I believe, although we would like to upgrade our hosting to get a faster server, which would be more. We also have occasional one-off costs like purchasing additional server space during upgrades.

Dec 25 2010 08:50

Could you please put the amazon link inline so I can save it as a bookmark? When I click those I go right to the amazon homepage, so if I bookmark that I don't think it'll help.

Dec 25 2010 10:37


Dec 25 2010 14:15

it still seems to go straight to, it's been doing this a while
does libcom still have money coming in from that link?

Dec 25 2010 22:25

The link does take you straight to, but it does work and give us money! We have a slow but steady trickle of money from that all year

Dec 25 2010 22:28

sound, i always use it but was afraid as the link url was disappearing!

Apr 5 2011 22:17

I'll use the link from now on, plus I'll ask friends to.

Chilli Sauce
May 15 2011 16:59

How much money has come from the link? How did y'all get that set up, anyway?

May 15 2011 18:11
Chilli Sauce wrote:
How much money has come from the link? How did y'all get that set up, anyway?

not a huge amount, but it is significant. About £60-£80 per year I think, or at least it was early on, it might be less now as may be fewer people use it (I don't use Amazon myself anymore really). To get on it, just Google Amazon associates

Nov 25 2014 20:44

is all this still operates? the amazon thing too?

Nov 26 2014 17:02
petey wrote:
is all this still operates? the amazon thing too?


Dec 8 2015 18:34

Bump, if anyone is doing any Christmas shopping on please go through our link! (N.b. we are not encouraging you to do so, this is just for if you are going to be doing that anyway)