Tags: tagging your articles guide

A short guide to tagging and categorising articles posted to libcom.org.

- Choose region for story, and industrial sector if appropriate (i.e. if about a strike in a particular sector, or a person who worked almost exclusively in that sector and did lots of stuff related to it). You can use multiple choice with CTRL-clicks
-Select any individuals, groups or unions the article is either written by or written predominantly about in the Authors, people and groups box.
- Enter tags for the story. Try to enter between one to three keyword tags. Enter them in lower case, unless they're proper nouns, and separate with commas. Important things to include are:

---- The city the story in, if it's a big city or US state
---- If it's about a big company, the name of the company, e.g. Asda-Walmart
---- If it's a strike add the tags strikes, if wildcat add wildcat strikes, if general general strikes
---- If it's an interview, add interviews, if a review add reviews
---- If the article is related to race or racism add race, women or feminism add women, fascism or anti-fascism add fascism.
---- Any other good keywords you can think of, like: riots, environment, demonstrations, but only ones which have already been used, and so appear as options when you start typing.
---- If in doubt, leave it blank - an admin can always fill in the tag information later.