Unprecedented strike wave sweeps Egypt

Striking truck drivers blocked the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Highway, a major transport route, on 5 February

A wave of unprecedented strikes by disgruntled workers has swept Egypt this week.

Cape Town: Community condemns police arrests of shack dweller youths

The shack dwellers of Civic Road near Parkwood, Cape Town, are angered that youth from the shacks are being subjected to repeated police harassment and arrests by the Grassy Park SAPS.

23 dead in continued clashes in Guinea strike

23 people have been reported dead after further clashes between striking workers and goverment forces in Guinea.

Guinean general strike ends

Guinean unions have called off a general strike that has crippled the nation and led to deadly clashes, after a deal was reached with the government.

Guinea: Police clash with general strike

Security forces in Guinea have fired live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters on the sixth day of a national strike.

Wildcat strikes hit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe riot officers police a previous anti-government demonstration

Wildcat strikes for better pay that have hit Zimbabwe could trigger wider work boycotts and spontaneous street protests, escalating political tensions in the crisis-hit country, analysts said on Monday.

Interview with southern African anarchists, 2006

A detailed and interesting interview between Black Flag magazine and members of the South African Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation covering their organisation, and the situation for workers in South Africa at present.