New report on the state of the worker's movement in China

China Labour Bulletin published a report based on a study of 100 different workers' protests, which found that workers there are becoming more effective in organising outside union structures.

Sources for news on Asia

I'm going to be posting links to news from Asia (mainly China and Taiwan) for me or others to write up later. For reference, here is a list of sources I currently use to find news.

Land seizure in Eastern China leads to clashes

More than 3,000 villagers in Zhejiang province of eastern China blocked a highway and clashed with police as they protested against alleged official corruption in a land compensation deal according to a human rights monitor and a witness.

Mongolia: strike at gold mine ends in partial victory

Mongolian miners struck for higher wages

Workers at the Boroo gold mine in Mongolia won enhanced redundancy benefits from their Canadian employer Centerra Gold Inc. on the 16th of June after a three week strike.

"The fierce one" speaks with forked tongue; Nepalese Maoists leave government - sackings, lies and videotape

Last week (on Monday 4th May) Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (also known as Prachanda, "the fierce one") resigned. This was the latest twist in a long running power struggle.

'End crackdown on labor activists' in Vietnam, says human rights group

The Vietnamese government should immediately free activists who have been unlawfully imprisoned for peacefully campaigning for workers' rights, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Nepalese Maoists restate intention to ban strikes and other news

Reports of recent developments in Nepal and the Maoist-led government's proposed crackdown on workers' struggle.

More job cuts announced, more to come

As the economic recession restates its international nature, further job losses are to be announced in Jamaica and Ireland, while Swedish unemployment rate rises 14% in one month and the International Labour Organisation predicts 7.2 million workers to be made redundant in Asia in 2009.

Nepal: victory turns sour

As a strike wave sweeps the country, the Maoist leadership agrees to banning strikes.

Great Game II: America Lashes Out on the Borders of China and Russia - by Loren Goldner

The 19th century 'Great Game' rivalry between Britain and Russia for supremacy in Central Asia is seeing a resurgence, with America taking Britain's place. The stakes are higher than ever, argues Loren Goldner.