1,000 Vietnamese shrimp processing workers on strike

Nearly 1,000 workers have gone on strike to protest a wage cut at a Singaporean shrimp processing factory in Vietnam.

Celebrate May Day on the basis of internationalism, 2007

The text published here is Internasyonalismo's - an internationalist group in the Philippines - statement on the significance of May Day.

Bureaucrats - Simon Leys

Despite the claims of the Maoist ruling elite of a complete break with feudal ways, Leys illustrates that the finely graded hierarchies of Maoist officialdom inherited and preserved the earlier bureaucratic structures of privilege.

Cambodia: Garment workers threaten strikes

Garment workers are trying to prevent large pay cuts. At the same time building workers have gone on strike in support of sacked colleagues.

Vietnam: Wildcat strike at garment factory

The workers on strike

Some 350 workers at a Taiwanese-owned garment company in central Vietnam struck work Monday demanding higher wages and lower workload.

Vietnemese minimum wage set to rise

Vietnamese garment workers in struggle

Instead of being increased by 10% as of October 1 as scheduled, the monthly minimum wage is expected to increase by 20% as of early 2008.

Vietnam: Farm-workers' union members remain in jail

Five organisers from the independent United Workers-Farmers Organization, were arrested and remain in prison.

Narita Airport riots (video clip)

Narita riots

A video of the riots against the construction of Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan during the 1970s.

Precarious workers and the cyber-homeless - Mayday march in Japan

Internet Café cubicle

There are 2.3 million young casualised and part-time workers in Japan.

Water, energy and crisis in Bangladesh

How water and electricity scarcity impacts on life and politics. Plus a brief look at the ongoing governmental crisis.