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The politics of genocide - Edward Herman and David Peterson

Herman and Peterson review the Western media's response to several different bloodbaths and criticize how the characterization, language, and ultimately policy responses are shaped by the narratives drafted in support of U.S. client states and agents. We do not necessarily agree with all of it but reproduce it for reference.

Georgia inmates beaten with hammers during 2010 prisoners' strike - new video released

Image created to commemorate the 2010 Georgia prisoners' strike

New video evidence has been publicly released showing Georgia prison guards beating inmates with a "hammer-like object" in the aftermath of the 2010 prisoner's strike against forced labour. The strike was one of the largest in US history and was met with violent repression.

Trigger warning: footage and descriptions of violence, images of injuries

The video, taken on 31st December 2010, shows Kelvin Stevenson and Miguel Jackson being restrained by guards while while other guards beat them with what appears to be a hammer. Eye witnesses report that Stevenson was handcuffed at the time.

Starbucks fires employee on food stamps for eating a sandwich from the garbage

Coulson Loptmann was fired from Starbucks for eating a Sandwich. He's on food st

Last Monday, 21-year-old barista Coulson Loptmann says he was fired from a downtown Seattle Starbucks where he’d worked for more than a year. The reason? He ate a sandwich that had been thrown away.

Really. Like most cafes, the coffee giant gets rid of food that has expired; they donate what they can and toss the more perishable items.

100 Years Ago: The Philadelphia dockers strike and Local 8 of the IWW - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti Kapitălu

cartoon from IWW leaflet - "hold fast, buddie, we got 'em"

A text published to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of an important strike launched by the IWW on the Philadelphia docks, analysing both the strengths and weaknesses of the IWW at the time.

Also made available as PDF and MOBI (Kindle) files.

100 Years ago: the Philadelphia dockers strike and Local 8 of the IWW


Exactly a hundred years ago, on 14 May 1913, the victorious strike of the 4,000 Philadelphia dockers (who dealt with international traffic) began. It finished on 28 May 1913.

Mortar volume 1

Revolutionary Journal of Common Cause Anarchist Organization

Mortar is the theoretical journal of Common Cause. It is a project of collective writing aimed at producing original contributions to anarchist theory and furthering our members' political development.

Philadelphia's lords of the docks: interracial unionism wobbly style - Peter Cole

IWW fist

A short paper written by Peter Cole for the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (July 2007)

"In the early twentieth century, several thousand Philadelphia longshoremen organized them selves into a powerful, durable, and effective labor union. These men, who proudly belonged to the Industrial Workers of the World, proved willing and able to employ the Wobblies' direct action tactics to improve their lives.

Towards a new neighbourhood: Building something new in the shell of the old

When thinking about what kind of housing model we really want for the future, we can see the new structures sprouting in the very acts of resistance we have today.

Resistance, in the political and social sphere, is both the means and the ends.

Going postal: rage, murder and rebellion in America - Mark Ames

Mark Ames examines the spate of US workplace killings and the phenomenon of going postal, suggesting falling wages at work and work itself are responsible. Please note that this author is sexist and a proponent of politics diametrically opposed to ours, however we reproduce this text for reference as we believe it contains some interesting arguments.

A class struggle perspective on the gun control debate

Yesterday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conneticut once again re-ignited the gun control debate. For US liberals, stricter gun regulations are the key to preventing future tragedies. For conservatives, responsible gun ownership and armed citizenry is the best defence. But neither position really gets to the roots of the issue.

As an anarchist, it should go without saying that I don't subscribe to the position that if only the state bans more things the problem will go away. Whether it's a social right like abortion, recreational products like drugs and alcohol or something as problematic as guns, it's generally true that prohibition doesn't work.

Locating "Tenants' Rights" During Foreclosure

Foreclosures have become a raging fire, destroying whole communities in their wake. Tenants of foreclosed buildings often times have the least control over their situation. Here is a look at some rights that tenants do have during a foreclosure, and why we need to step even beyond these.

Take Back the Land is really united in two strategies that are intended to compliment each other: liberate empty bank owned homes and to defend families going through foreclosure.