South America

‘General strike’ spreads across Peru

Riot police in Cuzco

As an indefinite teachers strike continues into its 12th day, farmers, miners and construction workers joined the protests, with one farmer shot dead by police.

Sócrates - midfielder and anti-dictatorship resister

Sòcrates - anti-dictatorship resister.

Brazil and Corinthians midfielder, doctor of medicine and philosophy, Sócrates also organised demonstrations of opposition to Brazil's military dictatorship.

Javier Zanetti - Zapatista supporter

Javier Zanetti - right back and left winger

Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti was instrumental in building links between his club and the Zapatistas.

Peru: Teachers strike against exams

President Garcia sits an exam (photoshopped)

Teachers in Peru launched a one-day strike to protest against legislation currently being debated in Parliament.

Miners' strikes in North and South America

Striking miners in Lima

Miners in Canada, Mexico and Peru are either currently striking or planning strike action.

Chile: miners and support workers strike

Seeing record prices for raw materials and record profits for mining companies, workers in Chile are demanding better wages and conditions.

Bolivia: roads blocked by strikers and protesters

Thousands of striking miners from the Huanani mine have been forming road blocks since Tuesday to protest against government inaction.

Venezuela: student march repressed

Police used rubber bullets and tear gas against students protesting against the closure of the RCTV television channel.

Traven, B. – An Anti-Biography

The faces of Traven(?); Feige, Marut, Torsvan, Croves/Traven...

A short biography of the writer and anarchist, B Traven, also known as Feige, Ret Marut, Torsvan, Croves...

Argentina: wildcat strike on Buenos Aires Metro

Metro Workers in Buenos Aires launched a 24-hour wildcat strike in protest at an agreement between management and their union.