La Futilité de la Réforme

La Futilité de la Réforme, Socialist Standard, Numéro 2, Octobre 1904

Éditorial: La Futilité de la Réforme
Socialist Standard, Numéro 2, Octobre 1904

Boycotts and legal action as Clapton fans fight to take their club back

Supporters of Clapton FC, renowned for their left-wing politics and activity in the local community, are continuing their struggle to take control away from the current owners and turn the East London club into a democratic, fan-owned football club open to the community.

La Futilidad de la Reforma

La Futilidad de la Reforma, Socialist Standard, Número 2, octubre de 1904

Editorial: La Futilidad de la Reforma
Socialist Standard, Número 2, octubre de 1904

The Futility of Reform

The Futility of Reform

Editorial: The Futility of Reform
Socialist Standard, Issue 2. October 1904

Union claims victory as Birmingham bins strike suspended

Birmingham striking refuse workers

Birmingham's two-month long bin strike has been suspended following talks between the council and the Unite union via conciliation service, ACAS, with the union declaring a victory for its members.

The Story of William Cuffay, Black Chartist

An excerpt from Peter Fryer's Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain on William Cuffay, black tailor and leader of the London Chartists. Reprinted with footnotes by Past Tense in 2005.

16th August 1848 - the last attempted armed rising on English soil?

Seven Dials in 1836

A short history of the attempted armed uprising of Chartists at Seven Dials in London, which was foiled by police.

Freedom Spring 2016

Reduced paper focusing on reproductive rights, homelessness and the Panama papers.

Corbynism: Leftists Illusions about Labour

Some of those who support Corbyn’s Labour do so with the idea that “it’s the least worst option” but many more actually believe that Labour can reform capitalism in favour of those who create the wealth that is enjoyed by a minority. This article is mainly directed at their distortions.