Obituary: Peter Miller 1943-1999

An obituary for anarchist Peter Miller by Phil Ruff, published in Black Flag #219, 2000.

An Introduction to the Work of the CWO and ICT

The article which follows is a transcript of an introduction to an online meeting of CWO members and sympathisers on 21 November 2020.

New covid-denial single from Eric Clapton and Van Morrison

The new Eric Clapton/Van Morrison single "Stand and Deliver" wants to be a rebel anthem. Instead these nationalist bards have delivered little more than a reactionary side note in a rising cacophony of Covid-19 denialism just at the moment the vaccines are dropping, argues Comrade Motopu.

London Workers Group Bulletin #8 June 1980

Issue 8 of the LWG bulletin, scanned in by Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

Contents include: Provincial Newspapers Wages Struggle, Post Office struggles, Direct Action Movement conference report, British Rail, Pour Une Intervention Communiste write, LWG - first quarter of 1980, 5th Congress of the CNT-AIT.

Wildcat UK #1 1984

First issue of Wildcat as a newspaper/magazine, September 1984.

Taken from Splits and Fusions archive.

Contents include: Miners Strike, What Is Solidarity?, Austin-Rover Workers Defy Bosses and Union,

Wildcat UK #2 1984

Issue 2 of Wildcat from November 1984.

Taken from Splits and Fusions archive.

Contents include: Miners Strike, Middle East: Imperialist War and Class War, Defend Jobs Not Councils.

Wildcat UK #3 1985

Issue 3 of Wildcat from Jan/Feb 1985.

With thanks to Splits and Fusions archive.

Contents mainly about the Miners Strike, but also: Feed The World - Overthrow Capitalism, Ethiopia, US Arms Boom, Support Class Violence, Red Petrograd (Book Review), Labour Party and Union Leaders - the Enemy Within.

Wildcat UK #4 1985

Issue 4 of Wildcat from March/April 1985.

Taken from Sparrows Nest archive, Nottingham. This A3 document has been scanned using an A4 device. Please get in touch if you can help us in getting a better scan.

Contents mainly concerned with the Miners Strike, but also prisoners, lay offs at Michelin, Dresden: Holocaust for Democracy.

Makhan Singh: British colonial office report

Makhan Singh report

A declassified British government report on Kenyan Asian revolutionary Makhan Singh, discussing the end of his deportation order in 1961.