15,000 Revenue and Customs staff join work to rule

Following a one day strike by 8,000 workers for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Large Processing Offices on 31st July, a further 7,000 workers in Distributing Processing offices joined a work to rule today.

Review of The enemy is middle class by Andy Anderson

A review of "The Enemy is Middle Class" by Andy and Mark Anderson from Black Flag magazine.

Shoot to kill

This article is from Black Flag in 1999. It analyses the British state's use of shoot to kill.

Review: All Power to the Imagination

A Brief Interview with an IWW organiser, 1998

Black Flag interviews Ray Carr, an IWW delegate at a job shop in Hampshire.

UK minimum wage increases today

The UK minimum wage increases today by 30p to £5.35 an hour for adult workers.

Day the East End said 'No pasaran' to Blackshirts

Next Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the day that the workers of the East End of London united in defiance of Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists and refused to let them march through their streets.

TV Times 30 September - 6 October

Class War's weekly TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. Two major documentaries from the Dispatches team this week - on data theft and Myanmar, plus a side to Iran that is little known. Science fiction fans can enjoy the TV version of Logan's Run - unless you are over 30 of course!

The great Olympic rip-off

Rob Ray reveals the double standards being applied as the sporting juggernaught tears up London

Coventry Council workers to strike on Monday

Workers at Coventry Council will be on strike Monday as part of a continued struggle against wage cuts imposed under the "single status" agreement.