Obituary: John Taylor Caldwell 1911-2007

J. T. Caldwell on far right of picture

The Kate Sharpley Library are sad to report the death of John Taylor Caldwell, veteran Glasgow anarchist and comrade and biographer of Guy Aldred.

Commuter fare strike hits Bath and Bristol trains

Hundreds of people yesterday refused to buy tickets for First Great Western rail services in the Bristol and Bath area, instead presenting fake "cattle class" tickets in protest at service cuts and fare hikes.

Bash the Fash - Anti-fascist recollections, 1984-1993

This is literally a no-punches pulled account of militant group Anti Fascist Action’s fight against fascism in Britain by a grassroots anarchist member of AFA. Highly recommended.

15. Waterloo, Blood and Honour gig, London, 1992

The battle of Waterloo

A personal account of the battle of Waterloo, when Anti Fascist Action trashed a gig by neo-nazi label Blood and Honour by disrupting their redirection point at Waterloo station.

Five-day-strike: Report from Manchester Fujitsu strike meeting

Report from January 17th Fujitsu strike meeting in Manchester.

TV Times 20-26 January 2007

And the main theme this week appears to be legal issues, with a documentary on the fight for justice for abused women in Cameroon, a bizarre rape trial experiment in which a fictitious case is treated as if it were real by real-life legal teams and a jury, a Dispatches investigation documenting secret meetings and backroom deals in relation to the governmental gambling "reforms" and a short programme on the implications for NHS workers of the forthcoming smoking ban. And there's more...