TV Times 28 April - 4 May 2007

A mixed bunch of disturbing and challenging political programming awaits this week.

NHS workers threaten summer strike

Manchester mental health workers strike, January 2007

A summer of discontent across the NHS in England and Wales was threatened yesterday by Unison, the public service union, in protest at a below-inflation pay increase.

TV Times 21-27 April 2007

An extremely thought-provoking range of political programmes await the discerning viewer this week.

Selectron workers sit-in

Workers at the Selectron Cwmcarn factory in South Wales staged a sit-in yesterday upon the arrival of the company's European Vice President.

Declan Curry - most prominent BBC news scab

Declan Curry

Business presenter Declan Curry was the only presenter to cross picket lines on BBC1's breakfast show during the 2005 strike.

Glasgow: Demolition plans for former council housing


Two-thirds of Maryhill’s former council houses are to be torn down.

Glasgow: Botany betrayed

architects plans given to tenants, but never acted on

The new Maryhill plan – new back and front door houses for half of the current tenants – is exactly what Botany tenants were told in 2001.

TV Times 14-20 April 2007


Back to business in the new guide to this post-Easter broadcasting week's interesting political TV.

Commentaries #1: War in Iran? Why we must oppose sanctions

The first in a new series of pamphlets from the Brighton-based Aufheben collective, intended to supplement the annual magazine by responding to developing events. Published and distributed in March 2006.

Grampian foods workers on strike tomorrow

Grampian logo

The T&G union has confirmed that around 1,000 workers at Grampian foods will be on strike tomorrow around the country.