Politics Without Parties - The future of trade unionism?

The following report is from the National Union of Journalists Annual Delegate Conference fringe meeting 'Politics without parties - the future of trade unionism'.

TV Times - 12 - 18 April 2008

This weeks pick reconstructs the events of 1976 at Entebbe airport when hostages were rescued from Baader-Meinhof members.

UNISON to recommend pay cuts for health workers

Public sector union UNISON looks set to rubber stamp a three-year package of pay cuts for workers in the NHS.

Tube strike suspended after safety guarantees won

Three days of strikes by more than 7,000 RMT station staff, signallers and drivers have been suspended by the union after lengthy talks this week yielded guarantees on a raft of safety and staffing issues.

TV Times - 5 - 11 April 2008

This weeks pick looks at the possible causes of the Virginia Tech massacre, the biggest peacetime shooting incident in US history.

Direct action gets the goods again, this time in London

The Tom Ilic restuarant in Battersea is highly poncy and highly rated

An underpaying, exploitative restuarant boss in London was forced to pay a foreign kitchen porter his owed wages and also holiday pay when a picket arrived outside his restaurant, backed up by threats of legal action.

UK teachers set for first national strike in 21 years

Members of the National Union of Teachers are set to take part in the first national teachers strike in 21 years in response to the government's failure to keep pay-rises in-line with the rate of inflation.

RMT and TSSA vote for joint strike action

RMT station staff and train operator members voted Thursday by a margin of five to one for strike action in defence of safety on the London Underground.

TV Times - 29 March - 4 April 2008

This week's highlight is an undercover report into the current Tibetan situation.

The Street, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC 1, November-December 2007. Television review

Review of The Street, series 2 - the latest TV drama from Jimmy McGovern .