Nestle threaten staff with job losses


Corporate giant Nestle has threatened workers with job losses if they refuse to accept a 15% reduction in wages.

TV Times 7-13 October

Welcome to Class War's weekly TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. This week we can look forward to George Bush being shot (although sadly not for real) as well as price-fixing, dodgy new Labour lawyers and “justice” in the former Yugoslavia.

Firefighters call off unofficial action

Norfolk firefighters

Firefighters have called off the unsanctioned industrial action, in which they only responded to 999 calls, in a dispute over pay.

Hunterston nuclear power station strike - week 4

A striker's report from week four of the strike at Hunterston nuclear power station.

All quiet on the workplace front?

A critique of recent trends in British industrial sociology

Hunterston nuclear power station strike continues

A report from the fourth week of strikes by electricians at Hunterston Nuclear Power station.

Coventry council strike intensifies

Workers at Coventry Council, including school admissions officers and street cleaners began a two week strike today.

15,000 Revenue and Customs staff join work to rule

Following a one day strike by 8,000 workers for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Large Processing Offices on 31st July, a further 7,000 workers in Distributing Processing offices joined a work to rule today.

Review of The enemy is middle class by Andy Anderson

A review of "The Enemy is Middle Class" by Andy and Mark Anderson from Black Flag magazine.

Shoot to kill

This article is from Black Flag in 1999. It analyses the British state's use of shoot to kill.