IWW Launches Second Phase of National Campaign

Save Our NBS

A press release from the IWW outining its plans to organise the UK's National Blood Service.

Jo Whiley - BBC scab

Radio "personality" Jo Whiley crossed picket lines to work during the 2005 strike of BBC workers against job cuts.

TV Times - 1- 7 December 2007

Today's pick highlights the weaknesses in Britain's flood defence system which is putting further lives at risk and asks why so little is being done.

Left-wing communism in Britain 1917-21...An infantile disorder? - Bob Jones

A survey of the anti-parliamentarist communist movement in Britain during and after WWI, and the effects of Comintern/Bolshevik directives on the efforts at organisational unity.

Migrant workers win Northampton strike

A group of Eastern European workers who were being denied the wages they were owed have been paid in full following strike action.

UK: Royal Mail workers vote yes to settlement

Breaking news: 64% of postal workers voted to accept a settlement offer from Royal Mail bosses, which failed to meet many of the demands of strikers.

Tube cleaners claim massive pay victory

Tube cleaners working for contractors to Metronet are to receive substantial pay rises when Transport for London takes over the failed privateer’s contracts, marking a huge victory for a two-year campaign by London Underground’s biggest union.

TV Times - 24 - 30 November 2007

This weeks pick is a drama seeking to explore the issue of rehabilitating child killers who killed when they were themselves still children.

A brief history of the Gay Liberation Front, 1970-73

GLF US poster

A short account of the GLF in the UK which, while we disagree with some of it, contains interesting historical information.

Building Worker newsletter - Autumn 2007

Newsletter containing articles on organising site workers ahead of the Olympics, fighting the blacklist in Manchester, pay and holiday pay, a recent strike against racism and the dangers of trusting union officials.