BNP meeting prevented by workers' action

Action by workers at a Doncaster social club has prevented the BNP from holding a meeting.

About Aufheben

A brief introduction to the Aufheben group and magazine.

TV Times 23-29 September

Welcome back to Class War’s TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. If watching the Labour party conference, as sponsored by Sky News, is too much for you, why not try some of these programmes?

One-day national NHS strike

Workers at the supply agency NHS Logistics have walked out on a symbolic one-day strike to protest the planned privatisation of the logistics service, in the first national NHS strike for 18 years.

Ryder Cup clothing workers to strike

Workers making clothes for the European Ryder Cup golf team, will begin a work-to-rule and overtime ban on Friday.

Mannin, Ethel - Albert Meltzer

Anarchist Albert Meltzer writes about British author and anarchist Ethel Edith Mannin.

Hunterston power station strike picket reports

Hunterston power station

Striking workers' reports from the picket line of the second day of the second week of industrial action at the Hunterston nuclear power plant.

Heathrow Express strike tomorrow

More than seventy RMT members are set to go on strike at Heathrow Express on Thursday, after rejecting a pay offer by a margin of 12 to 1.

Hunterston nuclear power station - interview

As part of our continued coverage of the stike of Balfour Kilpatrick employees at Hunterston nuclear power station, interviewed one of the workers on strike.

Picket line update from Hunterston nuclear power station

The second week of industrial action at Hunterston nuclear power station began today. We present this report by one of the striking workers from today's picket line.