Postal workers wildcat in Burslem

Picket line at Burslem earlier this year

Workers at Burslem delivery office, Stoke-on-Trent, are on wildcat strikes after twelve members of staff were suspended including all union reps.

Manchester mental health staff strike again

Karen Reissman supporters march in Manchester yesterday

After a similar strike just over two weeks ago, hundreds of mental health workers in Manchester are going on strike for a second time today in a row over the suspension of union official, Karen Reissman.

Local government unions break ranks over latest offer

Trade unions GMB and Unite have split from Unison over their response to the increased offer from local government employers for English, Welsh and Northern Irish staff.

TV Times - 8 - 14 September 2007

The Beano

This week's viewing highlight is an examination of the socio-political context from which British comics emerged.

UK: Union claims victory as Metronet strike ends

The RMT has claimed victory over jobs and pensions defence following a solid strike of Metronet engineers.

Royal Mail: Stockport wildcat strikers return to work whilst national talks extended until Sunday

Post box

Several hundred workers at Stockport Mail Centre returned to work today having walked out unofficially on Friday. Meanwhile national talks between the CWU leadership and Royal Mail have been extended until Sunday.

UK: Tube maintenance workers begin six days of strikes

The first of two 72 hour strikes by more than 2,300 workers at failed private maintenance firm Metronet is to go ahead from 6pm tonight.

Public pay: Now police call for right to strike

Hot on the heels of an illegal strike of prison officers, now police offices offered a below-inflation pay rise have demanded the right to strike.

Independent report into ICL plastics disaster finds health and safety regime 'dangerously dysfunctional'

A view of the remains of the four-storey factory the day after the explosion

On 11 May 2004, nine workers were killed and more than thirty-three injured in an explosion at the ICL Plastics plant of Grovepark Mills in Maryhill, Glasgow. This was the worst health and safety incident in Scotland since 1988. An independent study into the health and safety regime at the factory before the explosion has today been released.

Revolution betrayed - the Workers Revolutionary Party and Iraq

Gerry Healy early on, sharing the stage with Ted Grant and Sid Bidwell

Two articles from Solidarity on corruption in the Workers Revolutionary Party and its links with Saddam Hussein and other Middle Eastern governments.