UK: Local government workers reject pay cut

Social care workers demonstrate in Glasgow last week

The threat of strikes across England, Northern Ireland and Wales has moved closer with Unison's local government workers voting overwhelmingly to reject a below-inflation pay offer of 2%.

Postal workers wildcat in Swindon

Striking postal workers

More than 500 workers walk out over the transfer of prominent strikers to elsewhere in the company.

More strikes at the Post Office and Royal Mail

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Crown post offices are to go on strike this week against plans to transfer services to WH Smith, while Royal Mail workers begin their third week of rolling strikes.

Dispatch 1 - Royal Mail strikes, August 2007

First issue of a bulletin about the public sector pay struggles of summer 2007 by a group of workers around This issue focusses on postal workers.

TV Times - 4 - 10 August 2007

Alan Turing

This weeks top selections as we move into the quietest broadcasting month of the year concern Britain's flood defences and the lives and ideas of four pioneering mathematicians.

Royal Mail wildcats spread to north of England

Postal workers on official strike in Kent yesterday

The wildcat strikes at Royal Mail which began in Glasgow, spread across Scotland, and ended today also reached Newcastle, Liverpool and Chester yesterday. And Hartlepool today.

Scotland: Postal staff vote to end wildcat strike

Back to work, for now...

60% of post workers from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen have voted to return to work after both a wildcat strike that started on Tuesday.

UNISON education workers accept pay offer

In a UNISON consultation, only four of fifty-three colleges reject 2% and 1% sequenced pay increases. Offer is "not quite bad enough," national officer comments.

Social care workers in Glasgow on indefinite strike

600 social care workers at Glasgow Council are about to enter their second week of strike action.

Royal Mail: Wildcat strikes spread as post piles up

Mail begins to pile up

Wildcat stoppages at Royal Mail offices in Scotland have now spread to thirteen offices. Meanwhile 200 million items of post are now undelivered, and official strikes and further ballots continue.