Anti-war school walkouts, 2003 - AYN discussions

Extracts from the Anarchist Youth Network's open email discussion with information-sharing and discussion about the walkouts of school students which occured against the Iraq war as it began in March 2003. While there was a lot of potential AYN failed to make a collective impact on them.

Anarchist Youth Network agendas and minutes, 2002-2003

A small archive of some documents from the Anarchist Youth Network and London Anarchist Youth with meeting minutes and agendas.

Lions led by donkeys - FBU dispute, 2002-2003 - AF

Solidarity with the firefighters! AYN leaflet, 2003

A leaflet written and distributed by some people in the Anarchist Youth Network in the UK in 2003 during the strikes of firefighters for a pay increase to £30,000 and an end to "modernisation" of working practices.

The couriers are revolting! The Despatch Industry Workers Union, 1989-1992

Couriers in London

An excellent and inspiring pamphlet about London's Despatch Industry Workers Union (DIWU). A radical, self-organised and direct action-oriented grouping, it lasted three years, and here the author recounts its history and analyses its successes, failures and lessons for other workers.

Against capitalist war, against capitalist peace - AYN leaflet

An anti-Iraq war leaflet by the Anarchist Youth Network in 2003. The authors no longer think the leaflet is very good, but it is reproduced here for reference in text and PDF formats.

Whose streets? Our streets! An introduction to anarchism - AYN leaflet

An introductory leaflet to anarchism, capitalism and direct action by the Anarchist Youth Network in 2002. The authors no longer think the leaflet is good, but it is reproduced here for reference.

Wildcat solidarity strike over suspended post striker

Postal workers in Staffordshire are on strike for a third day in a dispute over the suspension of a colleague.

Pérez Navarro, Joaquín, 1907-2006

A short biography of Spanish anarchist and last surviving member of the Friends of Durruti, Joaquín Pérez Navarro.