Striking oil workers burn dismissal letters

In a show of defiance, fired workers burn dismissal letters and continue their wildcat stoppage. Includes a timeline of events.

Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons

June has seen hunger strikes and rioting by immigration prisoners at Brook House, the new immigration prison at Gatwick airport, and Yarl’s Wood, the prison which has been at the centre of numerous claims of abuse and struggles by detainees since it opened in 2000.

For a dignified and effective demonstration

The following was handed out at a demo against the increase in London's fares by the House of Lords in 1982. At the top were the photos on the left, with the words ‘Correct’ under the photo of Cliff Richard, and ‘Incorrect’ under the photo of the wolf.

Oil refinery sackings spark further walkouts

Hundreds of workers across England and Wales have walked out in support of nearly 650 construction contractors sacked from the Lindsey Oil Refinery.

The theming of the countryside

The following article, completed in December 2005, is based on the experience of a relatively short stint living in the rural West Country. This will account for some of its limits. For example, conditions in different areas will vary. It is for others who know what is missing here to fill the gaps, for themselves and others, in their own ways.

Kaplan, Iacov aka Jacob Caplan, 18??-1933

Kaplan and his wife Rosa in 1900

A short biography of Jacob Caplan, stirring anarchist orator, active in Leeds and London.

Energy wildcat strikes spread across UK

Total's Lindsey oil refiney in Lincolnshire.

The oil refinery wildcat strike over redundancies has escalated as workers from several power stations and oil terminals across the UK took unofficial industrial action.

Oil refinery wildcat enters third day

Strikers and police at Lindsey earlier in the year.

Strikes at the Lindsey oil refinery in North Lincolshire entered their third day today as talks between business leaders and employees broke down.

Picket line interview with striking tube worker - June 2009

Brief interview from the picket line of the Tube strike that lasted from June 9 - June 11 2009.

1893: The Manchester Anarchists and the Fight for Free Speech

Police repression against British anarchism is not a new happening. In 1893 anarchists in Manchester put up a fierce fight against police attempts to silence them