UK building workers to prepare for 2012 Olympics

Olympic construction underway

The Olympics will bring much new construction work to London, and some union activists look to the opportunity for a greater say both in the unions they are members of and in the industry itself.

Dock strike shuts down Calais

A strike at Calais has almost completely closed the ferry port and brought freight movement to a standstill between the UK and France.

Sussex students library occupation

80 students at the University of Sussex have occupied their library in protest against the commodification of education and its provision at their university.

Manchester Fujitsu workers on strike

Workers at a Fujitsu site in Manchester were on strike Monday, and have a further two-day strike planned to begin on Wednesday.

All work and low pay: students at work

Students often find themselves in the most insecure and lowest paid jobs

A recent joint report released by the NUS and the TUC shows that over the last ten years, the number of students having to get part-time jobs while studying has risen by 54%.

Cancerous computers

Following the clearing in 2004 of IBM in a lawsuit alleging they knew about carcinogens found in their computer chip factories, a new scientific study has been brought out confirming that workers in computer facilities have a high risk of developing cancer.

London's anarchist bookfair: the aftermath

Previous bookfair poster

The London anarchist bookfair is the biggest annual event for libertarians in the UK. This year was the first since one of the major organisers and founding member left, so Rob Ray interviewed one of the collective to see how they thought it went...

Private health centres fall flat

Rob Ray interviews a leading health watchdog on the rollout of Independent Sector Treatment Centres, which have faced strong criticism as heralding the start of privatisation for the NHS.

Update: European car-industry, 2005

Lessons of MWR - Interview with former McDonalds Workers Resistance member, 2006

The Glasgow MWR group in 2000 interviews one of the founder members of the workplace group McDonalds Workers Resistance about the experiences and lessons learned from one of the UK's most important recent attempts at libertarian organisation.