TV Times 13-19 January 2007

In the first TV guide of 2007 we encounter an eclectic week in which Ann Widdecombe moves onto an estate with some "hoodies", religious intolerance in mosques is investigated, KGB secrets of the 1960s are revealed, and the role of bloggers in bringing about the downfall of US politicians are examined...

You are being lied to about asylum seekers

A year of our lives - 20 years since the great coal strike of 1984-1985

Dave Douglass looks back on the great miners strike, twenty years on. Recalling information about the strike, the reasons behind it, the Tories' and Labour's attacks on the working class and finally how the strike was lost.

Notes on the miners strike, 1984-1985

Miners' strike, 1984-85.

Notes on the strike of UK mine workers against closures and to save their union, the NUM. The article contains interesting information about the strike, its background, the aftermath and its importance to all workers in Britain.

Your rights at work

A detailed, clearly-written guide to your key rights in the workplace, and important employment laws in the UK.

Anti-war school walkouts, 2003 - AYN discussions

Extracts from the Anarchist Youth Network's open email discussion with information-sharing and discussion about the walkouts of school students which occured against the Iraq war as it began in March 2003. While there was a lot of potential AYN failed to make a collective impact on them.

Anarchist Youth Network agendas and minutes, 2002-2003

A small archive of some documents from the Anarchist Youth Network and London Anarchist Youth with meeting minutes and agendas.

Lions led by donkeys - FBU dispute, 2002-2003 - AF

Solidarity with the firefighters! AYN leaflet, 2003

A leaflet written and distributed by some people in the Anarchist Youth Network in the UK in 2003 during the strikes of firefighters for a pay increase to £30,000 and an end to "modernisation" of working practices.