Terrorism Act 2000 guide

Terrorist? Blair heckler Walter Wolfgang

A quick guide and brief summary of the parts of the British Terrorism Act 2000 of relevance to radical workers.

Section 60 advice guide


Some information and tips on the law, your rights, and how to react when police have enforced a "Section 60" order on a demonstration or picket.

Guide to public order situations

A brief survival guide for when a demonstration turns into a riot or public order situation, and preventing the police from gaining the upper hand once a situation has occurred.

Hunterston nuclear power station strike - sixth week update

Picket line report from the sixth week of the electricians' dispute at Hunterston.

British Energy to take nuclear stations off-line

British Energy has announced it will have to take 25% of the UK's nuclear capacity off-line due to cracks and leaks found in cooling systems.

No comment: the defendant's guide to arrest

A detailed guide on your rights if you are arrested, with advice on what police are likely to do and say, and what you can do to protext yourself.

Oldest council estate says no to private landlord

In 1900 the Boundary Estate, just north of Brick Lane in the Whitechapel area of east London, became Britain's first council estate and, following a vote last week, it will continue to be so for the forseeable future.

Stop and search guide to your rights

A page of information about police stop and search powers in the UK and your rights when you are stopped and searched.

Mass demonstrations against NHS cuts

Protestors march against NHS cuts in Brighton, 14/10/06

Thousands of people have been marching today against the ongoing NHS cuts that are part of ‘cost saving’ privatisation measures designed to create a for-profit health service.

Dealing with accusations of benefit fraud guide

Never let them scare you into signing or admitting to anything

Some tips and advice for any claimants who are facing accusations of benefit fraud.