NHS/UNISON health workers disappointed at low pay increase offer

UNISON calls government pay increase "paltry." Improved offer expected; NHS ballot in August-September will determine outcome.

Man killed by Royal Mail scab

Another lorry crashed by a scab driver, 2007

Tragedy struck yesterday when one of 5,000 Royal Mail managers acting as scabs drove his lorry into an Astra van, killing one and injuring a second person.

TV Times - 28 July - 3 Aug 2007

General Franco

This weeks highlight is a beautifully filmed portrayal of life under Franco in Spain in 1940.

UK: Coca-Cola workers strike over pay

Wakefield Coca-Cola workers fight for their rights in Feb 2007

Workers at a Coca-Cola plant have begun a 48-hour strike, followed by an overtime ban, after rejecting a below-inflation pay rise.

Transport for London workers vote for strike action over pensions

RMT picket line, January 2006

RMT members covered by the Transport for London Pension Fund have voted by a massive 15-to-one margin for strike action to protect the pension rights of people forced to leave their jobs through ill-health.

Royal Mail: Secret pensions robbery plan

Striking postal workers last week

The Mirror today revealed a secret plan of mail bosses to slash pensions for tens of thousands of workers.

PCS consults civil servants over strike action

280,000 civil servants will be consulted on a ballot for further strike action during August. This is likely to mean more strikes over public sector pay in the Autumn.

TV Times - 21-27 July 2007

Gay men

Homosexuality, surgical discrimination and immigration are major topics featured in this week's offerings.

Poll Tax riot

Images from the poll tax riot

Bring the war to the streets - AYN art

Phone box

Photographs of an anti-Iraq war art project carried out by some people involved in the Anarchist Youth Network in 2002 and 2003. Most may not believe now that it was very politically useful but it is archived here for reference. The concept of it was threefold: to put military imagery into peaceful London settings, to illustrate that the British government going to war in Iraq would likely bring conflict to the UK in terms of terrorism and as a call to action, to bring a war against the war-mongering capitalist system to the streets of the UK. It involved sticking toy soldiers about the place, and camouflaging everyday objects about the city with paint.