Revolution betrayed - the Workers Revolutionary Party and Iraq

Gerry Healy early on, sharing the stage with Ted Grant and Sid Bidwell

Two articles from Solidarity on corruption in the Workers Revolutionary Party and its links with Saddam Hussein and other Middle Eastern governments.

TV Times 1-7 September 2007

An elderly worker

This week's highlight is the start of a series exploring prejudices against older workers and jobseekers.

UK: Workers at Royal Mail contractors Romec strike

Following an overwhelming 12 to 1 yes vote for industrial action, engineers and admin workers are Romec are due to strike today over a sub-inflation pay offer.

UK: Prison officers in mass unlawful strike

Some 20,000 prison officers in England and Wales took illegal unofficial action on Wednesday 29 August against Gordon Brown’s public sector wage cuts and the disastrous overcrowding in prisons.

Mental health workers on strike in support of colleague

Manchester mental health workers on strike yesterday

Nearly 700 UNISON members in Manchester Community and Mental Health branch went on strike yesterday in support of their colleague Karen Reissman, suspended from work since June.

TV Times 25 - 31 August 2007

Holocaust denier David Irving

This weeks highlight exposes the sinister world of SS re-enactments in the UK.

1831: Merthyr Tydfil uprising

Merthyr Tydfil riots

In 1831, Merthyr Tydfil, iron workers struck against redundancies, rising prices and bailiffs, leading to several thousand workers involved in riots that led to bloody suppression by troops and mass arrests.

Metronet works vote 95% in favour of strike action

Metronet workers

Workers at the Tube maintenance consortium Metronet voted 95% in favour of strike action this week, as station staff on the Bakerloo line begin a second 24 hour strike over health and safety.

Glasgow: Social care workers win strike

pic: Duncan Brown

Social Care workers who struck for twenty consecutive days in Glasgow returned to work last week having won most of their demands.

Cargo handlers at Heathrow on strike

Nippon Express Europe

45 workers at Heathrow cargo handlers Nippon Express were on strike over pay and conditions this weekend.