Civil servants strike over pay

Over 20,000 civil servants are on strike or taking action short of strike today in a row over pay.

Teachers on strike at independent school

Fifty staff at the Newcastle-under-Lyme school in Staffordshire have gone on strike in what may be the first ever industrial action at an independent school.

Bus drivers to strike in Norwich

Striking bus worker

Bus drivers and bosses were today locked in last-ditch talks to avert a one-day strike which could cost the city up to £1m in lost revenue.

Weekend wildcat strikes hit Royal Mail in Edinburgh

Hundreds of postal workers in Scotland staged wildcat strikes over the weekend creating a backlog of mail.

Airbus wildcat strike wave reaches UK

Broughton Airbus plant

The unofficial walkouts at Airbus which swept Europe following the announcement of job cuts hit Wales on Friday.

TV Times 24-30 March 2007

David Cameron

A strong weeks political broadcasting in terms of both range and depth of content.

Belfast: Ship's crew stands down

Belfast port

Three quarters of the Naxos' crew are refusing to leave Belfast harbour after claiming the ship is unsafe.

University of Manchester to axe 400 staff

University of Manchester

Four hundred jobs are to go at the University of Manchester to clear a £30m debt, it has emerged.

Gasping from out the Shallows: Reflections on revolution in the early twenty-first century

A text by Wayne Spencer giving an overview of struggles in the UK, Poland, South Africa and Italy alongside his reflections on the possibilities for revolution and revolutionary theory in the 21st century.

TV Times 17-23 March 2007

This weeks political programming offers a diverse mix of subjects from domestic violence to the history of racism and from genetically engineered foodstuffs to internet fuelled sex addiction.