Picket line update from Hunterston nuclear power station

The second week of industrial action at Hunterston nuclear power station began today. We present this report by one of the striking workers from today's picket line.

1989: The Risley prisoners' uprising


In 1989 prisoners at Risley Remand Centre celebrated 1 May in style by taking over a wing of the notoriously squalid, brutal prison and spending three days on the roof. We remember the Risley uprising and analyse its legacy for prisoners' struggle in Britain.

We want to riot, not to work: The 1981 Brixton uprisings

Pamphlet reflecting on the 1981 anti-police riots in Brixton by the Riot Not To Work Collective. Gratefully taken from the fabulous Red Notes.

1976: The Notting Hill Carnival riots


An account of the riots at the popular West London carnival which were sparked by the arbitrary harassment and arrests of young black attendees by police. Taken together with similar anti-police riots such as those in Broadwater Farm and Brixton in 1981 they forced a dramatic change in policing methods in the the capital.

Hunterston nuclear power station "dirty tricks"

British Energy and British Nuclear Group keep up the pressure on striking workers at Hunterston.

Union pays ‘hush money’ over Gate Gourmet wildcat

Two T&G union shop stewards who were sacked by Gate Gourmet over the unofficial walkout at the airline caterers in August last year have reportedly been paid £600,000 to remain silent about union involvement.

Rocker, Rudolf, 1873-1958

Rudolf Rocker

Biography of famed German anarcho-syndicalist, Rudolf Rocker, who amongst other things organised Jewish garment workers in London's East End.

Hunterston nuclear plant - strike update

Following the 2 day strike Balfour Kilpatrick bosses remain adamant that they won’t return the 50p enhancement to electricians pay that had been in place for 30 years.

TV Times 16-22 September

Welcome back to Class War’s TV guide for the revolutionary couch potato. With the political conference season starting, it is now particularly important to check those schedules rather than just switching on the telly willy-nilly!

What now Norwich? Norwich Union job cuts

Comment on the latest case of call centre jobs "transferred" to India, and the trades union response to it, from Norwich Class War.