Setting up housing co-operatives guide


Some tips on how to set up a housing co-operative. Co-ops can be an affordable way of housing yourself if you can't afford to buy, and you don't want to be beholden to or exploited by a landlord.

Prisoner support guide

A guide to providing support to prisoners in UK jails, from letter-writing and visits to sending reading materials and more.

Prison survival guide


A guide to surviving prison or preparing yourself to go to prison, with tips on staying safe, prison etiquette, how to deal with guards and other prisoners, how to get involved in organising and struggle, and more.

Hunterston nuclear power station: strike update

Hunterston nuclear power station

An update from the picket on our second day of our fifth week in our dispute with Balfour Kilpatrick.

Public sector pensions


Factsheet about the issues around pensions for workers of public sector organisations.

Private sector pensions


Factsheet about the issues around pensions for workers of private sector companies.

Pensions crisis


An in-depth look at the pensions crisis currently hitting the UK, affecting pensions of both public and private sector workers.



This article outlines what fascism is, how it is growing in the 21st Century United Kingdom, how it has nothing to offer working people and how we can combat it.


Our analysis of what is wrong with the UK health system and National Health Service, the reasons behind it, and what we as ordinary people can do about it.

BNP election candidate arrested in biggest explosives haul ever

BNP leader Nick Griffin with bodyguard facing race hate charges

Two men were arrested in Lancashire last week in the biggest explosives haul ever found at a house in the UK.