Visteon support leaflet for Ford workers

Ford workers in the US

Leaflet aimed at Ford workers asking them to support the workplace occupations by Visteon workers, and to black Visteon products.

Visteon occupations: Which way now?

Supporters rally in Enfield, 4 April 2009

A leaflet produced by supporters of the occupation aimed at the Visteon workers, suggesting possible ways to advance the struggle.

Visteon union convener not charged

It has been reported that Enfield Visteon plant Unite union convenor, who had to appear at the High Court today has not been charged with an offence.

Teachers to boycott primary school tests

Primary tests

As annual conference season approaches for the teaching unions, a number of teaching unions are expected to vote for a boycott of primary level Sats tests.

Voices from the Visteon-Ford occupation in Enfield

Toni Tagliarini (left) and Tina Dhanjar

Interviews with sacked Visteon workers occupying their plant in Enfield, north London.

Notes from the Enfield Visteon occupation rally

Comments and thoughts from the rally in support of the occupied Enfield Visteon plant on Saturday 4 April 2009.

Visteon factory worker occupations mini documentary

Hundreds of workers occupied to Visteon car manufacturing factories in Britain after the management closed them down, laying off the entire workforce with no notice, violating their contracts.

Basildon Visteon workers demonstrate against job cuts

Up to 100 sacked workers from Visteon in Basildon, Essex, protested outside the Visteon Customer and Technology Centre (VCTC) on 2 April.

Lifting the lid on Visteon, KPMG and the fat cats behind the cuts

Simon Basketter examines the companies behind the sacking of hundreds of UK car plant workers with no notice or redundancy pay.

Video interviews with Visteon occupiers in Enfield

Interviews conducted by Jesse Oldershaw with sacked Visteon workers occupying their Enfield plant 4 April 2009.